December 29, 2009

The year that was

It is just too much. The incompetence of the current administration and Democrat leaders in Congress leaves me just depressed. Can anyone point to one single example of something good that has been accomplished this year?

We spent nearly a trillion dollars on a stimulus that did not stimulate.

We spent billions of dollars destroying perfectly good used cars.

We took over two Auto companies and completely ignored the standards of bankruptcy law in the process.

We managed to insult some of our closest allies, including Great Britain and Israel.

We apologized to our enemies.

We failed to support democracy in Iran and Nicaragua, instead siding with despots.

We failed to bring home the Olympics, but managed to give American Taxpayers money to Third World Despots. I suggest President Obama not make any more trips to Copenhagen.

Obamacare is on track to pass, even though it will do nothing to reduce the cost of healthcare.

Unemployment has hit double digits with no end in sight.

Housing values are still falling.

We have had two terrorist attacks in recent weeks. Obama is determined to bring terrorists to the continental US, in spite of the wishes of teh People. He is going to conduct a civilian show trial for the mastermind of 9/11.

His administration has excused domestic criminals who denied votors access to the polls because of their race.

Seriously, has this year been better for anyone than 2008? Do you think 2010 will be a good year? Are you confident about your future?

We got the change Obama promised. It is our hope that has been destroyed.


KeesKennis said...

I earn in USD in Africa, barry (small B) is thrashing that Dollar, Please stop him in 2010 and "kill" him in 2012.

Anonymous said...

I pretty much agree with you HB. If he keeps this up, he could surpass GWB as the worst ever. But that's a tall order as even you would agree.

dick said...

"If he keeps this up, he could surpass GWB as the worst ever."

This anonymous fucking tool obviously wasn't old enough to enjoy the Carter administration.

Hey, I'm not doing anything this weekend. Ya wanna go burn Washington down?

Joe said...

Carter is still the man, if you are looking at the worst. Gas lines, rampant inflation, the whole Iran and NOK problem, the issues in Israel with Hamas, bin Laden, the Taliban in Afghanistan -- all of these can be traced to the (so-far) worst President ever -- and I include Buchanan.

peter said...

I've plotted the latest BLS Unemployment data for Indiana to create this heat map:

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