January 17, 2010


Take that Baltimore.

We went and met my parents, and Otter (my brother) and my stray kids to celebrate my Pop's birthday yesterday. He turned 72 and looks like he is 55.

We then went and looked at cars. At the second place we went the wife found one she liked. We even drove it. Monday the dealer is going to see what kind of payments we need to make. This gives ne some time to do my homework. She really likes this vehicle and I do too. It is loaded with everything. The issue is can we afford the payments? Since I don't think we can afford a payment at all, anything is tough. There must be some way I can turn this into some nookie for me....

We then watched the football game. At 7:30 (the game came on at 8:15) the wife asked if I thought we had time to go to Applebee's to grab a bite and get back before the game started. The closest Applebee's is 8 minutes from my house, and the one here in town is the slowest restaurant on the face of the Earth.

I usually save that particular stare for Liberals and recalcitrant children, but I think it was totally justified in this case.

Since we got home late I did not open the mail until this morning. One was a missive from the owner of the loan on our car. The letter stated how sad they were that our car was totalled. They reminded me I still have to make payments until the insurance settles the payments and that I will be responsible for paying off the loan if the balance is higher than the insurance payout. The only problem is the lender in question does not own the vehicle I wrecked. The insurance company has contacted the wrong lender. I checked my policy -- their mistake. Now I have to make sure the loan is not cancelled, the correct loan place is contacted and the insurance company owes me for a week of interest on the right loan. I know it can all be fixed, but what a pain in the ass. Things never go right in my life.

Have a good Sunday.


Cappy said...

Caught the game last night. Damn good control ball on the Colts part. Watched it with my daughter. She has been converted by you people. To a Colts fan.

Anonymous said...

Cappy, you have to admit Cleveland sorts do not give her much to cheer for. At least she does not root for the Steelers.

Anonymous said...

More haste, less speed.........................................

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