January 16, 2010

Spam, we hardly knew ye

If you are a long-time reader of this piece o'crap you know I enjoy Spam. For a long period I ate Spam at least once a week for lunch. I loves me some chopped and formed pork shoulder. For the past year or two I have not consumed so much Spam. Regardless of the claims of the fine people at Hormel, Spam has changed. It looks different, it cooks different, and most importantly it tastes different. (Yes, I know all of those 'differents' should be "-ly".).

It is now impossible to get that nice even brown when frying. You no longer have to shake off the mysterious Spam Jelly.

After multiple experiments, Spam is no longer on my Favorite Foods list. Why do corporations change a successful formula? Captain Crunch ruined their fine product by adding blue Crunchberries (I do not eat blue foods. Period. Ever.)and since the food police took charge one cannot find a good french fry anymore. Remember how good McDonalds and Wendy's fries were back in the day? Now we can add Spam to the list.


Cappy said...

I saw pancakes in a can aerosol spray on the tube, then the papoose brought it home. Not half bad. Easier than making them myself. And it conforms to the equation Pancakes > NoPancakes.

Joe said...

Spray on pancakes? There is a god.

I have to try some.

dick said...

Mickey Dees still makes the best fast food fries in Texas. I'll have to pass on the Spam though. Too much of that shit in the service.

Dan O. said...

They recently ruined Froot Loops by adding fiber. It's like chewing fruit flavored spitballs.

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