January 13, 2010

Random Ramblings

I am coming to you from a super secret remote location today. Time is short so don't expect much.

It sucks for the people of Haiti. Send a buck to the Red Cross, if you have one to spare.

I miss the little sinks at the dentist where you could spit. I do not like the suction tube stuck in my mouth.

Get ready for general amnesty for illegals. The Hispanic Caucus is holding out votes for a promise the illegals soon to be legalized will get a share of the healthcare pie. Joe Wilson will be right, but The Obama will not have to apologize due to a technicality.

The fact a Republican is even close in Massachusetts should scare the living daylights out of the Democraps. Instead they are rushing like lemmings to pass some of the most unpopular legislation in history. Why? Because they know the stupid party will fuck it up and they will get elected again in a few election cycles.

It is supposed to warm up by the end of the week. Maybe the snow will melt so I can climb up on the roof and take down the Christmas lights. No, I have not been turning them on.

Karma is a bitch. After making fun of the puny snow last week, things got bad and slick later in the morning. I slid off the road and hit a utility pole with my wife's Durango. We got the bad news Monday night. The vehicle was totaled. The car was very clean and looked like new inside. We will not be able to replace it with a like vehicle. Plus, it was paid for, so now I am facing a car payment. Sometimes it sucks to be me. Even worse, I am facing car shopping with my wife. She wants to shop for cars like she shops for clothing -- go to every lot and see every car in a certain price range. The car dealers want her to choose a car and then tell her what it will cost. Rock, meet hard place. She will not budge, and they will not cooperate. I sit through week after week of agonizing. For me a car is just a means for getting from point A to Point B. Do you like the color, is it comfortable, can you afford it? Buy it. Done. Car shopping would be very easy if we had an unlimited budget. She could then walk along and just choose the one she likes. Unfortunately we have to keep within our very limited means.

The wife said we should look on the bright side, the truck had 150K miles and we were starting to get nickle and dimed on the car repairs. Maybe the hand of God shoved me off the road. It sure felt like it.

Oh, I am fine, no injuries. The airbag did not even deploy. But there was a lot of damage.

As I often say, things ALWAYS work out like they are supposed to. Some days it is hard to keep a positive attitude though.


Anonymous said...

CARMAX if your looking used. Not sure about the rest but the one here in Charleston is great. Besides you can look on line and not go plowing through snow covered lots in Indiana.

James Old Guy

dick said...

Yep, Carmax isn't bad, but they are a touch high, so compare them with others before ya pull the trigger.
If you're looking for used, call a wholesaler and buy one at the auction like I did. Nice and cheap that way, without the bullshit.

Jean said...

Sucks about the vehicle, HB.
Hope the search goes quickly.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Glad you're good to go, HB.

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