January 14, 2010


So much to bitch about, so little time available.

To the lady at gate C9 -- we do not want to hear your conversation. It is not necessary to put your phone on speaker. If it is too difficult to hold the phone to your ear for 20 plus minutes, buy a headset, they are cheap. Besides, since I am a xenophobe, I really do not want to hear you conversation in Romanian, or Hungarian or whatever you two were shouting to each other.

To the people at National Rental Car -- I understand there is a computer glitch. Any moron can figure out that I did not pick up my car in North Carolina and then return it 1 hour later -- in Los Angeles. I should not have to explain that to you repeatedly. Yes, I just brought the car back on Wednesday evening. No I could not check out the car on Tuesday, return it in LA, and still have possession of the car in North Carolina on Wednesday. Does this concept seem hard to any of you readers? It sure baffled the clerk at the counter. I still do not have a receipt. I am afraid I am going to have to go all Mr. Asshole on them later this afternoon. And the idea I have to resort to being a jerk to get a problem fixed pisses me off to no end.

Since Mother Nature is not yet done punishing me for laughing at her last week, my car would not start this morning. I had to put in a new battery.

Where in the Hell does one find a Notary Public? I have to get a power of attorney signed so I can get paid for my junked out truck.

I was in such a good mood Sunday. What the fuck happened to this week.


The Rich Wasp said...

The best shot at finding a Notary Public is usually your local bank.

dick said...

Or a CPA's office.
Expect to hand out twenty bucks or so.
Or you could go to London. My ex is a notary and she owes me a favor.

Jerry in Texas said...

My sister is a notary, if you're in the Zionsville vicinity.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Typically your bank will have a notary and they will notarize your stuff at no charge.

If you go anywhere else, you'll probably have to pay a fee.

Freddie said...

I could notarize for you HB, IF I were anywhere near you.

But... since you seem to love those highly annoying, often downright gross libs so much, I think I'd have to charge you up the wazoo for it. (Just kidding.)

But, seriously: Did you know that "Hoose" is some kind of barnyard disease?

Dan O. said...

Well, it seems you got the answer I was gonna give concerning a Notary.

About your geographically challenged car rental dope though, go read Cranky Prof.

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