April 2, 2010

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Lest you think I am just jumping on the bandwagon, I have long been a Butler fan. I have given the school tens of thousands of dollars in recent years. You see, my daughter graduated from Butler last May.

To those bloggers who feel compelled to comment on history -- you should check your facts. You appear even more ignorant when you do not understand basic historical references and Constitutional issues.

Some bloggers think the recent passage of ObamaCare is further evidence of the death of the Republican party and Conservatism in general. Let me see, in the past year Democrats and liberals have seen devastating electoral losses in Virginia (a Purple State), New Jersey (almost as Democrat as it gets) and the loss of the seat held for 50 years by the Kennedy family in Massachusetts. The latter was one expressly on the basis Brown would vote against ObamaCare. Obama campaigned for the loser in every case.

The only way your liberal Congress could pass legislation opposed by nearly 60% of the country was by using parliamentary tricks. The leader in the Senate looks like his re-election bid is doomed. Your President is now getting approval Numbers similar to the awful GW at the end of his term, and the Pelosi has an approval rating in the teens. Experts from both political parties expect the Republicans to win the House, and possibly gain 5-6 seats in the Senate. Some 60% of Americans identify themselves as Conservative.

Unemployment remains high. The federal Deficit is approaching unsustainable levels. Long-serving Democrats are quitting in droves to distance themselves from the surrender administration policies, or to avoid embarrassing defeats in the fall elections.

yep, I guess I would agree things look brighter than ever for the Democrats. The Repubs should just fold up their tent and go away forever.

Maybe we should hope that when the liberals flock to Martha's Vinyard this summer it will tip over and capsize? That is some change I could get behind.

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

The good news is a Republican stonewall against more Obama socialism could come as soon as November.
The bad news is, if it's a majority in both houses and Ditz 2012 rolls into the Presidency, we'll be looking at touchy-feely leftist legislation "like" free dope for Boomers and open-borders Mexican immigration "y'know" (more Democrats for future elections)...And, of course, a brave new "Wah Awn Terrisss" somewhere. Ronald Reagan has never been more dead than in the modern GOP.

Neo-cons are NOT conservatives. Routing for anyone just because they wear the GOP label doesn't mean you're not going to get more leftism, just socialism sponsored by the big-tent (read that GLOBALIST) GOPhers.

Deal, already!

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