April 20, 2010

Mark my words

The Democrats are facing significant loses in the mid-term elections. It is conceivable they may even lose control of the house. Harry Reid's re-election bid looks doomed at this point.

Following the elections, the progressives will see their time in power is at an end. Between November and the end of the year they will ram through every bit of legislation they can, including Cap and Tax and Immigration Reform that includes general amnesty.

The House has already passed Cap and Tax. The Dems will still only be one vote short of stopping a filibuster in the Senate until the newly elected members are seated in January 2011. There are still a number of RINOs and moonbats to vote for legislation that will do nothing to stop the non-existent AGW.

As for amnesty for illegals, well there are still several RINOs in both chambers who will get behind that nonsense.

I tell you Ladies and Gentlemen, we are screwed. The Democrats and RINOs will no longer have the threat of re-election or having to go home and face angry voters to govern their passions.

A lame duck can still do a lot of damage.


Dick said...

Just a few more reasons I would welcome revolution.

Erin O'Brien said...

I marked these words, Hoose, but never saw the return of $4 gas you predicted.

B said...

"A lame duck can still do a lot of damage"

not if you catch it and drown it.

or wring its neck.

Joe said...

Hola Erin, this is one case where I am pleased to be a less than accurate Nostradomus. Several economists believe gas will be near the $4 mark this summer. I hope we are all wrong.

I hope I am wron gabout this lame duck passage of bills that will hurt our nation as well.

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