April 21, 2010

Suck eggs big bank

A few months ago we set up a special checking account to save money and pay for wedding expenses (my daughter is getting married in July). The Customer Service Rep at the branch said we qualified for a "premier account". Whatever. The debit card is black instead of blue.

I look at the very small balance this morning and I see we were charged a $20.00 Service Fee. WTF? Not too upset, these things happen, I call the local branch to get it fixed.

The lady asks me a series of questions to determine that indeed I am looking at my own account information and I am me. She says I am charged because I did not have 5 debit transactions in April. I pointed out I had six in the past ten days. Oh.

She thinks I was charged maybe because I did not have $XX minimum balance. I reminded her that there were no minimum balance requirements if I have $XXX in loans. I more than surpass that threshold (sadly). She said the loans were not linked and I would have to come in to the branch.

"For what?" I asked. She said I would have to bring in a photo ID so they could link the accounts. Now I am really confused. She admitted she can see both checking accounts and that it shows on the screen my wife and I have two auto loans. So what is the problem? "They are not linked". I explain she should fix that.

She told me she is not a banker. HUH? I asked just who is a banker, then? She said if I come in she can fix the problem. So I guess if one calls the bank, there are no bankers, but if one takes off work to come in, then there are bankers?

So I guess I take my lunch hour, or use up valuable blogging time, to drive to town so some "banker" can hit a few keys to make sure I am not charged in the future. Then we will get really unpleasant until the $20 Service Fee goes away because some nitwit did not push the right keys when I signed up for this account six months ago.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

That wouldn't be JP Morgan's bank, would it?

Jean said...
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Joe said...

You are right, Nathan.

I went to the branch. It took five minutes to fix.

I explained again, it is not the error, it is my time to come in person and sit there while the "banker" fixed the problem. All I had to do is point out I was charged, she recognized the error and fixed it. I am still not sure why I had to go in person.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Since the banks and government are gangbanging eachother right now, don't be surprised if some unidentifiable bit of a rule in the microscopic print in your credit agreement altered the credit arrangement you had when the account was opened.
See what happens when you aren't in a credit union?

Dick said...

Just another reason to stop banking at Chase.
The five debits a month gave it away.

Dan O. said...

Next time use an envelope in your sock drawer to save the money. ;)

And what's with the minimum debits per month? You have to spend money or they charge you? Sounds just like the Obamacare crap. Buy insurance or we'll tax you. WTF?

Ed Bonderenka said...

Credit Union. Seriously.

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