May 21, 2010

Dear Chris Mathews

I saw you on Leno last night.

Mathews, you stupid cunt. Dick Cheney left the employment of Haliburton 10 years ago. He is in no way responsible for the leak in the BP oil well. You have become so infected with BDS that reality is no longer in your realm of existence. I am surprised you also don't blame Fox News. Just ask any liberal, Fox News is the source of all evil in the world.

A decade ago I worked for a different company. Am I responsible for what they do today in the marketplace? Good gravy, you are a moron.

And Chrisy baby, I know the Republicans don't give that same man-crush tingle up your leg as The Obama. Your description of some as 'charismatic, but inexperienced' may be accurate, but they all have more experience than your crush. How does that make the Republicans in trouble?

Why would anyone listen to your lunatic rantings? Oh wait, based on your ratings, they don't.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I got that asshole's game the first couple of times I saw his show, and wouldn't walk across the street to piss on him if his pinko ass was on fire!
Good rant, and every word deserved, too.

Greybeard said...

Oh Ted, you expressed my thoughts in much more vivid language than I'd have been comfortable saying!

John Edwards was right, there are "Two Americas"...
Those that want to lead us farther down this Socialist path, and those now actually wondering when the first shot will be fired in the next Civil War.
Count me in the latter.

Anonymous said...

Actually, hoosierboy, you're the moron, as per usual. (I'll write the rest of this comment with all the vitriol you typically use in your posts lately.)

The reason Dick Cheney still has pull with Halliburton is because he was the CEO there for five years until he became VP. Halliburton received government contracts while Cheney was VP because...Cheney was VP.

The link still exists now because he's Dick Cheney, and Dick Cheney is a big swingin' dick.

See, you're a dumb fuck. The reason the company you worked for ten years ago has no interest in your goings-on now is because you're a fat piece of shit. You can't do anything for them. What good can a janitor do, anyway? You really think they can't find someone else to clean the bathroom?

Here's the difference between Obama and the inexperienced people you reference: Obama has experience being president. Fuck you, you dumb fat cunt.


Dan O. said...

Ooooo...that Dave. He's a wise one, I can tell.

Now HB, you posted that comment yourself didn't you? No one's really that stupi...oh wait, yeah that's right. THAT'S how Obama got elected. There ARE people THAT stupid!

I notice comments like that always come from people with no links back to them. Chickenshits!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we're cowards. Sure. In the vast emptiness of the internet in which the only way to communicate is to piss on each other and generally be dicks, you really think I'm going to link my e-mail address? Bleh. Just what I need: A bunch of fat, couch-potato, never-did-anything-in-their-lives fucktards spamming me.

hoosierboy has linked to my blog a bunch of times, Dan. By the way, all you fools who read hb's knee-jerk angry-for-God-knows-why rantings ought to know who we are by now. He writes about us enough (while strangely claiming not to care about us). We're linked on the main page.

You idiot. You're angry over...what, exactly? That a black man who's so middle of the road policy-wise he'd be a moderate Republican in the 1970s is president? You're angry because you got a bigger tax cut this year than George W. Bush ever gave you? You're angry the stimulus is working?

What exactly are you angry about, you cock?

Joe said...

Don't worry Dan-O here is where you can find more of his lunatic rantings:

Davey boy you are slipping, you forgot to blame Fox News and Sarah Palin in your screed.

Sorry Davey, I did not mean to upset you by pointing out facts. Maybe it was dissing your fantasy sweetheart Chris "leg shivers" Matthews that set you off?

Perhaps, Haliburton got Government contracts because they are very good at what they do? Is somehow Cheney responsible for all of the Government contracts WORLDWIDE the company has enjoyed since their founding in 19 fucking 19 -- before Cheney was even born? They run a successful business in more than 70 countries. Boy that Cheney is sure powerfiul. That was sarcasm, in case it went over your empty head.

Davey, I will type this slow so you can keep up. Try doing a little research. Your emotional rantings make me think you are on your period or something. Your hormone levels are interfering with your tiny little brain.

There is a difference between fact and opinion. Your crying about BushHitlerCheneyHaliburton just marks you as a nutjob in the midst of Bush Derangement Syndrome. You should seek professional help for your issues. Maybe you should have a beer and relax a little.

Trying discuss politics with you is like a discussion with my 16 year old. The only difference is he is smart enough to grasp reason. You just resort to name calling like a a little boy pissing his pants in fear on the school yard.

Joe said...

let me undeerstand -- The Obama is a good President because he can be compared to RICHARD NIXON and JIMMAH CARTER?

That is supposed to make us feel better? I'm convinced.

Anonymous said...

Dave, you sound like a serious candidate from some quality wtw counseling.

Fuck you, ya commie bitch.


Anonymous said...

Well, nice that we can all get along and have a reasonable level of discourse.

Seriously, hoosierboy, I responded to your post with the language of your post. If you want to call that name calling, I suggest you look at your second sentence: "Mathews, you stupid cunt."

As for name calling, here's a few choice things you wrote about me while calling me out for name calling.

1. "I will type this slow so you can keep up"

2. "Your emotional rantings make me think you are on your period or something."

3. "You just resort to name calling like a a little boy pissing his pants in fear on the school yard."

I don't see you calling me names specifically above but you're certainly not being anything resembling (searching for word...) human. I mean, honestly, how is anyone supposed to take you seriously when you actually compare my comments to a woman having her period? Are you in 5th grade? Christ.

And about the per usual, you've completely missed the point. I'm talking about Republicans pre-1980. Jimmy Carter isn't a Republican, fucknut. And his whole we're-fat-and-lazy speech, though shocking, was absolutely correct. The evidence is the massive oil spill that BP is evading credit for creating. And that Halliburton is evading credit for creating!

The great thing about being you is that, being ignorant, you don't have any idea you're ignorant. That's part of the definition of ignorance.

I'd pity you but you're so dumb you don't even know you need pity. So I'll just pity your wife who must, once a day, roll her eyes and think, "My God, I can't believe I have sex with this disgusting piece of human filth. He's such a fuck-up. And I've wasted my life."

And I pity your kids who have to grow up with a father who doubtless wears sandals and socks.

You're such a waste of everything. Oxygen. Food. Bandwidth.

You are the epitome of a worthless human being. And you seem to enjoy being ignorant. You're the luckiest motherfucker on the planet that you're an American and not, say, from a third world country with no democracy. Because even the useless here get a voice. Long live the USA!

I hope you have to have a heart bypass one day. And let me be clear: not because I want your life to be in danger, but because I want you to have to eat healthy food for the rest of your life. Every time you ate spinach (or whatever food you think is yucky) would be a victory for all thinking people worldwide.

Oh, and you're a cunt.

Joe said...

You think Cheney is responsible for the BP oil spill and you call me ignorant?

You know nothing at all about my appearance or weight, yet hope I can have a heart by-pass so I will eat healthy? I am sure glad you are not in charge of the world (And you wonder why I do not want people like you determining my health care).

For the record I love spinach and every other veggie except peas and lima beans. And I do not even own a pair of sandals.

Holy Shit you excoriate me for stereotyping but that is the whole of of your pathetic act. You make sad attempts to make fun of people who do not agree with your narrow, imature world view. In your closed mind, everyone who diagrees with you is a dumb fat redneck Bible thumping mouth breather.

Too bad minds far more brilliant than yours have argued and proven your liberal progressive fantasies as abject failures. History proves it as well.

You are right. My family is ashamed. Ashamed I would waste even two seconds trying to show you how to be a man, a citizen, a decent human being, a man of reason. Step away from the bong. Read something besides Kos and HuffPo and the NY Times. A little education will make you a person people want to be around instead of an arrogant douche bag.

Grumpyunk said...

Damn Hoosierboy. You gots some finely honed minds here. It seems like the web brings out the worst in some people.

Dan O. said...

Rest assured HB, I will NEVER use that link. After reading his pithy comment why the fuck would I ever waste time reading his posts. It's obvious he is one more who couldn't think for himself and so goes along with whatever the MSM feeds him.

So Davey or whatever your name is, I won't be spamming, commenting or reading your blog or website or whatever it yearns to be. I just think when you're going to leave such trash comments on someone elses' blog you should be man enough to leave a link and deal with whatever comes back at you. That's all I said. Oh that and how stupid you must be to believe what you believe.

Fuck Obama and you who voted for him AND still think it was the best choice. You're going down with the rest of us. The difference is YOU'RE going voluntarily. THAT is ignorance!

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