June 30, 2010

A[nother] Day that Shall Live in Infamy

If I have done my math correctly, I was married 26 years ago today. Like most married couples, I spend my time alternately loving her and plotting her demise. Should you be called to testify, that was a joke. Honest.

Seriously, I thank God every day for my wife. She puts up with a lot of crap from me. You know how I behave here, How would you like to deal with that all day every day? Chew on that for a mere three seconds and you will realize my wife is a damn saint. I married up, believe me.

Here is a rerun of a post I published back on June 30, 2007. I called it Lucky Man:
The shoes hurt my feet. I was a bit aggravated. I had to tell one of my buddies he should not be drinking beer in church. He did not see the problem. I told him the Catholics may not mind, but the Methodists had issues with alcohol in the church. I was half irritated because I wanted one of those beers myself.

I had been in an argument with some other people who wanted to mess with my car. Permanent marker does not come off of windows.

The whole thing was becoming a real pain. I cut myself shaving. The photographer annoyed the shit out of me with the stupid poses. Everyone wanted to talk to me tell me this or that, tell me a story or anecdote from their own experience.

I was pissed because I was standing there waiting. I have little patience now. I had less then. Otter was there. So were some other buddies. Finally the ladies came through the doors, things were finally moving.

I could not help smiling when she came through the door at last. She was beautiful: freckles and all. Her hair, her dress, all looked great. My irritation vanished as the organ switched tunes and the audience stood. Even though this all happened twenty-three years ago, I remember many of the details. The minister seemed to drone about the Galatians or some such. We dated six years before we got married, I guess I do have patience when it comes to certain details. At last the deed was done. We were off to the reception and then the best part -- the honeymoon!

Here I sit, twenty-three years later and I remain married. I am short tempered, I find myself incredibly amusing. My hair is graying and maybe even thinning a bit on top, but I really do not care to investigate. Bifocals are on my nose, my gut has grown. I fart a lot. She sports some gray when she does not keep her hair dyed. Her vision is getting bad too. She cannot decide if she needs longer or shorter arms to read a menu. She thinks she is fat. She complains about getting old. I still think she is beautiful and sexy. Some days I look at her and I am filled with desire. I thank God for her every day -- even those when she pisses me off. I suspect I anger her far more than she does me.

I wanted to post a picture from that day, but my scanner is again on the fritz. Trust me, she was the most beautiful woman in the world standing there in the Methodist Church -- June 30, 1984. I am a lucky man.


Fred said...


...and many more.

linda said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! I hope you have told her all the good things you mentioned. Yes, she probably knows it but it's always grand to hear it come off your lips! Have a great day!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Yeah, like Fred and Linda said.
26! Wow! My wife and I have been married longer than that, but not to each other.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you two!
I just so happen to marry up as well. Ain't it great?


Dan O. said...

Man, how time flies. Seems like last just a couple months ago I wishing you Happy 25th. (I was married the same year)

Well, Happy 26th, HB. And MANY, many more to follow. And tell that saint of a wife how special she is. ;)

Jerry in Texas said...

Happy Anniversary, Mr & Mrs HB!!!

The Rich Wasp said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. You'd think I'd be able to remember your anniversary. At least I still remember that I was in another small town Indiana Methodist Church on your 23rd anniversary!

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