July 1, 2010

Kagan is not fit to be a judge at a dog show, forget the Supreme Court

We all know the process for confirming a nominee to the Supreme Court is a pain. We all expect the nominees to claim they can not comment upon cases they have not heard, or ones they might in the future. But Kagan's obfuscation goes beyond a claim of neutrality. She cannot comment on why she banned the military from recruiting at Harvard Law school in violation of Federal Statutes. She will not admit to writing memos in her own handwriting (It looks to be my handwriting, but maybe I did or did not write it). It is not too much to expect a potential member of the Supreme Court to comment upon Constitutional matters.

She apparently has no opinion on anything. She cannot answer a simple straightforward question. She cannot take a decision when offered a choice. Either she is Forrest Gump in a dress or she will not state her views as they are so far left of the mainstream that she will not be confirmed.

Those of you on the left, would you support the nomination of a Republican President who has never been a judge -- even for a parking ticket case. Who has never argued a case in front of a jury? Who has never written n opinion? I have been on a Federal grand Jury. I also served on petit jury (drug case). I might have spent mroe time in a courtroom that Kagan! She is without doubt one of the least qualified nominees ever.

Do the Repubs have the balls to refuse to vote her out of committee? The rules state at least one member of the opposition has to agree to move to a full Senate vote. Or do they have the courage to filibuster this unfit candidate?

They likely cannot stop her from getting affirmed, but this is worth a Clarence Thomas type fight.

November is coming. Have you changed your ways, members of the Stupid Party?

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