June 17, 2010

games people play

The phone buzzed with a text earlier.

"hey what was his name?"

??? I did not recognize the number. Trying to bring some good Karma my way I texted back:

"You have the wrong number"

The phone buzzed again. "quit bullshitting wit [sic] me its tina"

As I mentioned earlier, I am not in the best of moods.

"Quit texting me. "You have the wrong number bimbo"


"u better watch who u saying i has the wrong number cuz u will get yours calling me a bimbo"

With remarkable self-restraint I refrained from any reply. Several pithy, vulgar, and mean rejoinders were racing through my mind, fingers poised above my tiny keyboard.

A few minutes later my phone rang from the same number. I assume it was Tina. She hung up when I answered. I guess she finally understood she had the wrong damn number.

See what I get for trying to help out a fellow human? I should have ignored the first text and let her think her friend was ignoring her.

So if you are reading this -- bite me Tina.


Rita said...

lol. A few months ago I got a text from an unknown number that read, "wut u do". I really wanted to respond, but didn't. Maybe with something like, "depends on wut u pay for."

Got another one a week or so later, then a long one explaining something about a teenage being questioned for a crime.

After I finally got one in detail about the movie Avatar, I sent back that they obviously had the wrong number. He apologized (I'm assuming it was a boy) and THEN he sent the same damned detailed text about Avatar to me again.

It's been a couple of months since then, I wonder if he finally got it right.

Today at work I got a text that said, "Help me". Not a number I knew. Then one that said, "I hope this is your cell phone, just wondering if you can figure out who this is."

I texted back, "This phone does not receive or send text messages". In response I got, "Liar".

I told her to quit texting and pay attention to her meeting as I was pretty sure by that time it was a lady I work with.

Anonymous said...

Give us the phone number.
I wanna have some fun.


Anonymous said...
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mts1 said...

Every so often I get either a racy or googy talk text, so I call the number, and whisper "hhhhhhi, darling" in the most breathy, smoky voice I can conjure. Hard to tell who hangs up more quickly, the women or the men.

Joe said...

We used to get a dozen calls a day for a "cameron". He must have been quite the stud among the high school girls. One night around three am the phone rang and a sweet young girl sang happy birthday to me a la maryln Monroe.

I listened to the whole thing, told her thanks but not only was it not my birthday, but she had the wrong number. You could almost feel her embarrasment over the phone line.

Greybeard said...

I think you should have texted Tina "Molon Labe".
It's a shame that...
1. She'd have no idea what it meant, and
2. She'd probably not have the motivation or access anywhere to a dictionary to check the definition.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Tina was probably too stoned to realize who she was texting, let alone what she was sending...Crack hoz be like dat.

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