June 1, 2010

Like you really care

Happy Tuesday. I hope you had a great long weekend and found a few minutes to thank those who have given their lives so we can live in the greatest country on Earth.

I got the yard mowed yesterday. The boy helped. He complained "Didn't we just do this last weekend"? I pointed out that it has to be done at least every week during the summer.

I decided to Bar-B-Q some chicken on the grill along with some grill potatoes. You spay some foil with PAM, chop a nice Vidalia onion. Cube a big chunk of cheddar or Colby Cheese and slice up a bunch of potatoes thin. Wrap the whole shebang in foil and cook on the grill for 45 minutes to an hour. Turn every so often. I had the spuds on the grill for about 1/2 hour and went out to turn them. Just as I open the grill the flames sputtered and went out. Damn it, I knew I was about out of gas. I put the spuds in the oven and grabbed the tank. I got it filled quickly, but supper was delayed and the timing was off. Anyhow, we had a great meal of chicken, potatoes and corn on the cob. The corn was not too bad for early spring Florida corn.

Just as we sat down the rains came in sheets. I got soaked just turning off the grill.

The oldest boy has finalized his tour schedule. He will be the opening act with a band from St. Louis hitting some bars and clubs in the Midwest. He will be gone about ten days. Playing music is how he wants to make a living and this will show him a glimpse of life on the road. My fear is that he will like it. He is already rumbling about quitting college to pursue music full time. I have tried to convince him that he needs a back-up plan and finishing college is essential. So far we are at a mild impasse. I think he knows I am right, but he really does not like school at all. Correction -- he likes being AT college, just not the studies and classes that go along.

Here is his schedule:

Muncie, IN, Ft Wayne, Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Louis. I do not have the exact dates or venues, but If you are interested shoot me an email. His musicianship and songwriting skills have improved dramatically.

Here is a link where you can get some of the tour schedule and hear some of his music. Let me know what you think -- even if you hate it. Me, I really think the tune Large Oceans is kind of catchy.

Don't tell him I sent you...


Dan O. said...

Listened to a couple of songs. Doesn't sound bad at all!

I hope they don't perform with those bags on their heads, though. It makes a great picture, but there's already a Buckethead.

I agree, since he's already there, finish the schooling. Not like he's gonna listen to me anymore than he does you.

Good luck to him either route he takes.

Freddie said...

I'll have to listen later. No sound where I am now. :(

Dick said...

As long as they're happy, healthy, and can earn somewhat of a decent living...

Plus, he may turn out to be a superstar. Ya never know.


Dick said...

Singer's a bit weak, but the band sounds good.

Don't tell me your boy's the singer...


Joe said...

He wrote all of the songs, plays guitar, keyboards, bass, and drums. he recorded and mixed the music. And yes, he does the vocals. He would agree the vocals are weak, but he has not yet found a singer for his band. When he tours he will have a full band with him. He will play lead guitar.

jonas said...


Nope, not bad. Not what I listen to, but the compositions make for listenable music. Good for him. I get your concern about school. And the bummer of it is that given the economy, its not quite as easy as it used to be to suggest the a degree = job. But being on the road is/will be quite an experience and I don't think I've ever heard a musician/band say touring was easy. There is such a thing a "catching a break," but for the most part, its about working your ass off...so there is that.

Freddie said...

I listened. There were a couple songs I liked. I think I've said it before. It takes talent to make music: and he's obviously doing that.

I will say it does sound a lot like "what all the kids are into these days" (man, that makes me sound old), so who knows? He could get lucky.

Hopefully he will (or does) see the need for a back-up plan though.

(By the way, Sunshine keeps telling me she wants to be a teacher. And I keep responding with: "I'll bet you could be a doctor, or maybe a scientist! Anyway... you have plenty of time to make up your mind. But whatever you do, you need to try and make sure you LIKE what you do.")

Joe said...


My daughter wanted to be a teacher since she was in the first grade. She was class president, top ten in her class, scored 1400+ on her SATs.

I kept telling her she could be so much more. She responded by saying don't we need good people to be teachers? Isn't the problem that we discourage good people from being teachers, wouldn't you rather somone like me taught your kids?

I had nothing to respond. She is now a teacher, and a darn good one.

jonas said...

The world has no surplus of good teachers. Good for her...and therefore, good for us.

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