June 23, 2010

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head

According to the local fishwrap we have had more than 14 inches of rain dumped on our fair city since the beginning of June. That is precipitation of Johnny Holmes proportions. My side yard is under water. Local rivers are in flood stage and corn is turning brown on the bottom leaves as the standing water in the fields rots the roots of the young plants.

I read a heartbreaking story this morning of a couple (he is a Marine) who bought a house last week. They moved in Friday afternoon. Friday night we had a deluge of rain -- 4 inches. Saturday morning they awoke to find their house surrounded by 18 inches of water and the garage flooded. According to the article, authorities assured the couple this was not unusual. The previous owners made no mention of the flooding problems. The house does not get wet, but the surrounding land is covered by water every time it rains. I am a firm believer in caveat emptor, but that is bullshit. The previous owners knew there was a problem and so did the Realtors involved.

The storms we have seen in the past few weeks are not just the hard rains we see crop up in the summer as the temperature rises and the humidity soars. These are authentic storms -- wind, rain, thunder, lightening, tornado warnings, and floods.

Some might claim that this is just another symptom of global warmingcoolingclimatechange, but I say Mother Nature is a fickle bitch and takes delight in screwing with our best laid plans.

Who wants to drive to Iowa or Tennessee in the sunshine anyway?


Freddie said...

Yeah, we're having some rather ROWDY summer storms up here too lately. There was a big, dark, SCARY storm that came through Friday night while we were having dinner at the Cracker Barrel with Allie and the grandson, which briefly knocked out the lights a couple of times. (It was ok though; they lit all the oil lamps on the tables just in case.)

And then we found out on Monday morning that thousands in the city where I work had been without power SINCE THAT STORM WENT THROUGH FRIDAY NIGHT. Lots of trees down - hitting houses, fridges full of food going to waste, people sharing/passing generators around their neighborhoods - just bad news all around.

I feel badly for those caught up in that stuff, 'cuz we'd been there lots of times when we lived in that city.

But once again I'm gonna say I'm so very glad we moved AWAY from that city.

And you can bet we're keeping the ol' weather radio hooked up and ready to sound off as we sleep.

Anonymous said...

We haven't seen a drop in 35-45 days and would kill for some water.

As for the kids and their house: Doesn't Indiana have laws and floodzones?
All of that has to be certified on any property in Texas.


Anonymous said...
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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

The Marine aught to sue that realtor for everything they've got. There was a hell of a lot of misrepresentation going on somewhere in that!
Someone who lives in Indiana & doesn't like rain is going to be as miserable as the guy that lives in Californication and doesn't care for commies and fags!

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