June 22, 2010


I have been looking into my family tree on and off for the past several years. Luckily others in the various branches have done the legwork and research. Since the Hoosierboy surname is not common, and in fact is a bastardization of the original German, such research is fairly easy. All of us came from a common ancestor who changed his name when he arrived in what became the good old US of A.

The Hoosierboy's of my particular branch have been on this Continent for 10 generations. My ancestors did not come over at Jamestown or on the Mayflower, but they have been Americans for a long time.

Here is to you Johannes. Thanks for getting kicked out of Germany.


Anonymous said...

Mom said you were adopted.


Walker said...

Are you perhaps descended from Banat German?

Joe said...

Hey Walker, long time...

No we were from the Palatine (Rein Pfalz) area.

Dan O. said...

I'm only 5th generation in the U.S. and also from German roots. My cousin has it all documented, with something like 2500 relatives. (including his mother's side). Supposedly, he's told me, all O's (as in Dan "O") can be tracked back to a single area of Germany as well. Don't recall it at the moment. he's given me a Family Tree disc with all the info on it.

The most interesting thing for me, on my maternal Great Grandmother's side (she was a Whitney), we're related to Eli Whitney.

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