June 17, 2010

Random Ramblings

I once spent 9 hours in a Chevy van with a guy who would only listen to Ray Stevens recordings. He had two cassettes that he alternated. Let me repeat -- NINE HOURS.

I have jumped out of a perfectly good airplane two times. In fact, I took off in an airplane three times before I ever landed in one. My first commercial flight was from Indy to Pittsburgh, on my way to Albany, NY. I guess that was around 1988. Since then, I have flown in excess's of 500 times.

I returned last night from a trip to Detroit. I drove 11 hours to sit in a conference room to watch an online meeting. Think about that for a minute.

I can (and have) started a fire at least three ways without using a match or lighter or even a road flare.

What is with the hairs growing out of and on my ears lately?

I graduated high school in 1980. For the reunion committee -- I have decided I will attend my 80th reunion. Not before. There is no point contacting me until the year 2060. Save yourself the postage.

Why is it that liberal left-wing fruitcakes make the best music?


Fred-wina said...


Bought the hubs an all-purpose trimmer (ear, nose & more) for his b-day this year. He was happy - think he was tired of hearing his eldest asking him when he planned to trim his ear hair (as IF it were any of her business in the first place).

Hmmm... Maybe 'cuz left-wing fruitcakes seem to have nothing but time on their hands and can therefore think about their feeeeeeelings, and marital aids, and pictures of themselves. (Bleh.)


Dan O. said...

#1: Justifiable Homocide. I'm certain of it.

#2: 2 of the rules I live by: 1. Never jump out of a plane that is still flying and capable of landing. 2.Never go on a ship that sinks on purpose. (submarine. it's a Navy thing)


#4: You Boy Scout, you.

#5: You and me both. Can't grow it on my head, though.

#6: Last year, my class's 30th was held at a park directly across the street from my house. Did I go? No. I called up and/or contacted on FB, some classmates and friends from back then and invited them over to my house for a beers and bullshit around the campfire. Cranked up the stereo and had a blast. Several showed up after they went to the official reunion.

#7: I agree with your previous commenter on this one.

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