July 21, 2010

Dear Dave,

Did you ever try to teach a stray cat you brought in anything? It is frustrating. You hope and pray that someday it will learn to use the litter box instead of crapping on the living room carpet. Every day you hope for a breakthrough.

That is how I feel about you. Most of my readers will wonder why I bother, but I cannot help myself. You are like the son I am glad I never had. Somehow I feel it necessary to try and help you overcome your angry bitter outlook on life. I don't want you to always be the relative at family get-togethers no one wants to sit beside. It has to hurt for you to hear relatives murmur, "Dave, I love him, but I really do not like him".

You see condescension and an I am always right attitude gets old. Fast. I am here to help you make friends and be a more pleasant guy to be around.

I have read a great deal of you blog posts and comments. It is clear you hate those who make predetermined judgements about a person based on his sexual orientation or race. Yet you are guilty of the very same. You automatically assume anyone who may have a different viewpoint is automatically stupid.

You're just a middle-class salesman in a shitty state who's never risen above low-level management who votes against his own self interests.

You're pathetic. And what's even sadder is that you're happy being pathetic because you're too stupid to know that the GOP is fucking you.

Where do I even start? Some of us are capable of thinking. I can read the news and draw my own conclusions. I have a very good education. I graduated from a top 50 university. I would put my education against yours any day. I have read some of the greatest political thinkers and philosophers of the ages, including Plato, Marx, Smith, Descartes, Hume, Lock, Bacon, Paine, Jefferson, Madison and others. I understand the political science and historical aspects of economic thought.

You can believe it or not, but I rarely listen to Limbaugh, I find him a pompous ass. I have been to Breitbart's site exactly twice in my life (last year in the Acorn scandal and this week). I read the blogs over there on the left. I do not watch Fox News except during election times. Under what basis do you think independent people of similar political beliefs cannot come up with the same thoughts? I guess you get all of your ideas from MSNBC and Kos. Do you not have any original ideas? Does Ed Schultz do your thinking?

As far as my professional life, you know nothing about me. You have no idea of my title, work experience or managerial capabilities. I am willing to bet my managerial background is significantly more broad than yours. I have been a plant superintendent responsible for three shifts of production and more than 500 workers. I have been a global sales manager with the travel record to prove it. You make assumptions with the basis not in evidence.

As far as where i live, Indiana has factories and farms, and museums, and plays, and opera and the symphony. There are far worse places to raise a family and to denigrate the State shows further bias.

AS far as my politics. I am not Republican, I am Conservative. Two minutes of research and understanding of basic English would show you that.

Of course like most of your ideological ilk, you are angry and bitter that 60% of Americans reject your progressive worldview. History is replete with examples of the success of small government and laissez-faire economics. You can not point to a single successful socialist economy. Europe is trying to move away from big government as fast as it can. The State controlled economy destroyed the USSR. In the history of the world there has never been a society so productive, so successful as the United States.

I could debate you on the the success for minorities under the Great Society, or the ramifications of Government control of private industry.

My kids all operated under the idea that I was old and stupid when the ywere teenagers. Thankfully they grew up and realized I had a valid points of view.

I guess some people just mature a little more slowly.


Rita said...

HB: Good post.

I've worked with many people who moved to our "shitty state" from New York, California, you know, where all the "beautiful people" live. All of them were offered jobs back to their home states and refused. When I questioned them about not wanting to leave they stated that this "shitty" place was a great place to raise a family and was a much better lifestyle.

I'll take my lifestyle any day of the week over the fake elitists who get their fix by insulting middle class Americans.

Btw, it's green and beautiful right now in my part of our "shitty state".

Anonymous said...

Dave, I'm a professional bricklayer who can snap your arms off at the shoulders, but why bring the concept of love into it?

Dick @


Greybeard said...

Unfortunately, this is a complete waste of time.
Even when you've made an INDISPUTABLE point, a lefty will take the attitude, "Don't confuse me, I already have my mind made up", and as you have seen, resort to name calling or ad-hominum attack.

Remember this scenario...
"Doc, it hurts when I do THIS."
..."Don't do THAT."

Freddie said...

There are no "shitty state[s]" here in the US of A - only shitty people who THINK their shit doesn't stink.

And they're doing their best to screw things up for everyone.

Jim - PRS said...

Extremely well put, HB, but I suspect that this particular cat will continue to shit on the carpet. It comes with having a brain the size of a walnut.

Cappy said...

Proud to be a neighbor to Indiana. I tell you whut...

Joe said...

Like most immature teenagers, Davey-boy cannot separate opinion from fact. He thinks Indiana is a shitty state therefore in his mind that becomes a fact. Like most liberals, he lets his emotions control his brain rather than logical thought.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

That's probably because he's got shit for brains.

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