July 22, 2010

A very hard quiz for your enjoyment

Here is a question I heard asked on the radio the other day. For those of you who believe the Tea Party is racist answer this:

If president Obama was a conservative, small-government President would there be a Tea Party?

Answer that honestly and you will know the truth.


Anonymous said...

Nope, and who's the zip above me?


Oh, fuck you, Dave

Anonymous said...

The real question is, where was the Tea Party when Bush was expanding government and spending and spending and spending?

Joe said...

we were bitching about that too. If you were reading here you would have seen that.

since Obama's deficit spending is three times Bush's it became the proverbial straw on the camel's back. The stimulus that did not stimulate was the catalyst.

Does that answer your question, brave commenter?

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