July 28, 2010

An open letter to Progressives

George W Bush is rated as one of the worst Presidents in history. He left much to be desired from my point of view.

I am challenging liberals/progressives/Democrats to tell me what policies of "The Shrub" you found most egregious, what did he do to make you hate him with such passion? Was it his policy in Iraq or Afghanistan? Was it the detainees at Guantanamo? Perhaps it was the wiretaps on foreign nationals. Was it his tax cuts, TARP?

I am calling you out. Don't make me list you by name. Here is your chance to educate me.

And by the way, I am going to next ask you why you support the current President? If he is continuing the policies of President Bush you found so horrible, you have some explaining to do.

For you betting types, the over / under on progressive comments is zero. Hypocrites never can defend their position.


Anonymous said...

Come on, ya fucking pussies!
Here's you're big chance to shit all over yourselves.


mts1 said...

In two Indiana cities, Highland (by the flag monument on U.S. 41) and Valparaiso (on the courthouse lawn in the city square) you were able to find anti-war protesters on a pretty regular basis - especially in Highland, no matter what the weather. Since That One got installed, they went away. The wars, however, go on as before.

Before the Iraq war began, there were numerous protests against the sanctions against Iraq: that we were responsible for their babies starving and not getting medicine, us alone. There were eight years of sanctions under Clinton, but that was ok: it was only evil and wrong when Bush got in.

Liberals, for being the people who go to a protest at the drop of a hat, actually stand for nothing. All they do is chisel at people trying to better America. These are the same exact ones who were in the anti-war anti-ballistic missile movement of the 80's when there was still a USSR for them to love, make excuses for, and insist was harmless.

They get a friend of William Ayers in, and he can carbon copy Bush policies, AND sacrifice a baby to moloch on the desk of the Oval Office (in clear violation of the separation of church and state on federal property) and they won't mind a bit.

Mother Sheehan is the only one of the whole bunch for whom I have respect, and who I believe has integrity and clarity of purpose. Her fight against the war has not let up one iota, no matter who is in office. When Pelosi turned her back on her after she won the Speaker job in 2006, she ran herself against Pelosi in 2008. You wouldn't know this, since now the press shuns her since the left used her like a dirty rag and threw her aside once they got what they wanted. She's not right, and she's been taken for a dupe left and right, up and down by liberals. But I can say one thing about her that I can't say about other liberals: she means what she stands for. She has the same message, whether in front of a crowd of 1000 or in a book signing tent with 4.

Joe said...

Exactly Mts.

Samm Hein said...

Typical Donk Kool-Aid drinkers: They won't say shit, because they don't give a fuck about America: It's all about absolute power and how they can get it.
Let's hope the GOPhers don't run some dingle-brain like Palin or old fart who thinks his Depends are a clear advantage like McCrackpot, & thereby hand The Zero another term!

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