July 28, 2010

You have been promoted

Nothing much to report. The Obama Government continues to leave me outraged. The drive to destroy our economy continues. Do you liberal idiots have any idea how many solar panels and windmills it will take to power our country?

Those of you who complained about GW taking too many vacations should be indignant that The Obamas are taking not one, not two, but three vacations in August.

They are taking a planeload of friends and family with them to Spain. The Obamas and friends have reserve thirty hotel rooms in five-star hotels. I wonder who is picking up that tab. Air force jets are not cheap. The British PM flew commercial when he came over here a few weeks ago. The taxpayers will cover the cost since the First Lady will spend about ten minutes with the King of Spain.

Don't feel bad -- you are rich. Everyone's taxes are going up in January when the Bush Tax cuts expire. remember the lie promise only the rich will see an increase in taxes? I guess we are all now part of the wealthy class. Dou you feel rich?


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

If the Republicans are smart, they will play up the end of the Bush tax cuts.

Even contemplating raising taxes in this economy should be a death sentence for the party in power.

Joe said...

I have every faith that the Stupid Party will blow a golden opportunity.

McCain, Graham, and the nutjobs from Maine will do their best to be Democrats-Lite. The National Party is already wandering in the wilderness.

Samm Hein said...

By damn HB, it sounds like you're catching on:
"No matter who you vote for, THE GOVERNMENT always gets in." - Bill Hicks

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