July 2, 2010

Why you should vote Democrat


linda said...

That's a very telling sign, isn't it?
We owe them?

mts1 said...

C'mon, you ingrate: come as an unwanted guest to my country and tell me how you REALLY feel.

My off the boat grandparents made sure their kids spoke Standard American English, indistinguishable from Johnny Carson or Tom Brokaw, and all their sons ended up in the armed forces serving in war. Not a criminal in the bunch. They didn't come here to make a second Croatia, they came to be Americans.

Tell me again why we have the armed forces in countries where they'll hate us no matter what we do, while we need them more back home among hostiles in our own states?

Oh, oh, don't ban money from being sent from these lovlies back to Mexico. No, charge a 100% tax on all of it. Any check or money order drawn from a U.S. based source that's cashed in Mexico, 100% into the Treasury. Let's milk them until they figger it out. If cash is sent in the mail from a U.S. post office to Mexico (they got those strips in them, so no hiding anymore), confiscate.

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