July 1, 2010

Voter ID

Yesterday the Indiana Supreme Court upheld the State's voter ID law. The statute says one must present a form of identification before casting a vote. ID are offered free from the BMV.

Can someone, anyone, offer a case against this apparently reasonable requirement? The League of Women voters argues against the measure by stating that the State has failed to show that voter fraud exists. I guess once we have a fraudulent election it is Ok to fix the problem?

We have to show or ID to board a plane, cash a check, buy plates for our car, collect welfare and food stamps. In Indiana you have to show ID to buy beer, no matter your age. Why should we not aspire to the highest integrity when exercising one of our most precious rights -- the franchise?

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mts1 said...

Yeah, and you should've heard the crybabies in the solidly blue Region when that law first came about. The corrupt, crooked, felonious Democrats were constrained in their ability to steal elections. We have candidates who can make hay this year, and now we have I.D. back AND the voting board cleaned its books of most irregularities? Tits!

I believe that if you don't pay taxes (if your CTC and EIC add up to more than your freakin income tax owed), own property, operate a profit-showing business, or serve in the armed forces (or otherwise have skin in the game) you don't vote. But as a white male of a Christian denomination, I'm already a sexist racist homophobe, so I lose nothing by holding such radical views.

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