August 19, 2010

My love - hate relationship with the Cubs

The Cubs cannot score runs. Last month they traded the player with the second highest batting average on the team.  Theriot also led the team in steals -- he had more than the  rest of the team combined.

Derrek Lee has batted .313 with six home runs and a .939 OPS since the all-star break. The Cubs traded him to Atlanta yesterday.  The Cubs also threw in some cash. They got three minor league pitchers, the best one is still in Single A ball in return. In a nutshell, the Cubs paid Atlanta to take one of their better players.

The Cubs cannot score a friggin' run for anything so they trade one of their best hitters (again) for three pitchers. Three pitchers who will possibly contribute in a few YEARS. Maybe.

It looks to this fan that the Ricketts are just like the Tribune -- cut costs, do not worry about the product. The Cubs fans will fill the seats anyway.

After all, they are used to losing.

I feel like an abused wife. The Cubbies keep smacking me around and I keep coming back out of  a sense of devotion or love or dependency. For crapsake I am wearing a Cubs hat as I write this! It is a replica of the cap the Chicago Cubs wore the last time they won the World Series -- in 1908. Nineteen fucking eight.

How many times can a fan's heart be broken?


Fred said...

Cute story: Allie brought Li'l Nick over in a Cubs t-shirt recently. T-man looked at him, and then looked at Allie and said: "You DO know you're just setting him up for a major disappointment don'tcha?"

Joe said...

how true.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

That's almost as pathetic as how we've been giving America away to the wetbacks for decades, and are now going to give it away to the fucking ragheads, too!
Almost...but somehow, not quite.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Jesus Christ. They traded Derrek Lee? Fuck 'em then.

(The Ricketts. Not the Cubs.)

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

You might want to consider cheering for a team from a less leftist, failure-loving, corruption-hugging town...
Like the "Jew Yahk Spankees"!


Anonymous said...

The Rangers actually look decent this year, but hey, fuck them. They still suck in my book.


Cappy said...

I love Wrigley Field but OTOH long suffering Cubs fans include a Brother In Law and potential Son In Law. So there you have it. Americas favorite losers, but worth it's weight in potential aggrevation of family.

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