August 11, 2010

Your Government in action

Congress passed another stimulus bill, this time to aid States and "save" the jobs of teachers and municipal workers. The illustriouss leaders from the Democratic Party claim the bill is "budget neutral".  That means it will not increase the deficit. They are accomplishing this amazing trick of spending $26 billion by not spending money in 2014.

I will pause while you stop laughing.

Imagine the page going all fuzzy and out of focus while creepy dream sequence music plays in the background.

HB: Hello Mr. Banker, I want to borrow $10,000.
Banker: Ok lets look at your debt load and credit rating.
HB: No need, this loan will not affect my credit.
Banker: blink.  blink. How is that?
HB: I plan on paying for this loan in 2014, when my kids are out of college and I have more cash flow. Since I will have the money in the future, there is no reason to act as if this is a real "debt".
Banker: Blink. Blink.
HB: No need to worry, I will have the money.  My wife says she will not spend it in 2014. No  worries.   When can I get the dough?
Banker: Blink. Blink.

Fuzzzy image, sounds etc. as we come back to reality.

The EduJobs bill is deficit neutral.

Blink. Blink....????


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

And I'm a fuckin' ballerina!

Anonymous said...

The best part?
They took away food stamp money to do it!



Cappy said...

Deficit neutral, and intelligence free.

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