October 31, 2010

Sermons from the Church of Hoosierboy

It is a breezy cool Sunday morning. I know fall is really here and old man winter is coming down the street. It is 7:51 am and it is still dark outside. I do not mind the cold or the snow of winter, it is the late sunrise and early sunsets that get to me. I know there are places in the Northern part of the state and most of Michigan that see a perpetual cloud cover in winter, making the short daylight hours seem even more gloomy.

Back during my cubicle days, I would leave for work before the sun came up and most days I did not leave until after it had set. My glimpse of sun was a small sliver from the front offices, or when I was in the breakroom.  In those days I could not wait to escape to take lunch, Now, I can look out my office window or go outside and walk around at my leisure. It is so refreshing, even if it is only for a minute or two. I often think about going back to production control or management, bur the idea of set 7-5 working hours depresses me. I will take my flexible schedule, even if it sometimes means 14 or 18 hour days. Dealing with idiot drivers and the hassles of the TSA are a small price to pay for the ability to see the sun.

In a few weeks I have to travel to the Corporate offices to attend a sales meeting. Woo hoo, I am thrilled (and your sarcasm meter should be pegged on high at this moment). Anyway, my boss sent an email to his "team"* stating we need a certain report in early. The reason -- he is going to be at the Corporate office that week! Yes, you guessed it --at the frickin' sales meeting. The same sales meeting his entire "team" will be attending! What a coincidence.

We take the wife's crumpled car in to get fixed finally on Monday. What a pain in the arse. It took a while, but the other guy's insurance finally came through and paid. The insurance company did not even send an adjuster, they just paid the lowest of the two estimates, I guess since they were only about $60 apart. The total damages were more than four grand.

I think I have rambled on enough here. I am going to read a few blogs and then take my morning exercise. Then I believe I am in the mood for some cowboys and horses. Lonesome Dove, Big Jake, or Joe Kidd?

Big Dick, where are you?

Oh, Happy Halloween. Try not to eat too much candy.

Am I the only one who is amazed I can fill up so many posts, so often, with utterly stupid, meaningless, drivel? For the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone stops by here anymore.

*There is a whole post there -- I hate being be called Team. I am an employee


Jean said...

I vote for Lonesome Dove.
Plus, I just read the book a few weeks ago and it was wonderful, too.

Cappy said...

Best thing to come out of FaceBook: There is no I in Team, but there are four Us in STFU".

Anonymous said...

That bullshit Team thing is spreading, they want Team hats at work, I guess a strong " your a fucking moron" got my message across. Then again I don't give a shit if they fire me and I know they are to scared to try that stupid shit.

James Old Guy

Fred said...

Here in the new office we have what they call "natural light". See, the attorney offices are all around he perimeter of the building (so they all have BIG windows), but they have no walls, only frosted glass. So we in the "core" of the building get light through the frosted glass.

It's not much, but I suppose it beats being in the basement of the building, where there's a bank vault. Those people rarely see the light of day in the winter months.

...They all act a little weird, too.

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