November 1, 2010

I love my new coffee maker

My schedule is all messed up this morning. I had to take the wife to work.  I then dropped off the keys to her car at the body shop. The boy and I left it there last night -- post Trick or Treat. I am getting to my blog reading, coffee, and breakfast late as a result.

We had a ton of Trick or Treaters last night. I bet you have seen the depictions of Halloween on TV, where the streets are full of running, laughing kids and parents in the twilight hours?  That is my neighborhood. We have so many kids hitting us up for candy that we usually just stand on the porch and hand out the goodies. So many kids come that we would never shut the front door otherwise. The wife spent nearly fifty bucks on candy at WalMart and we have less than a half  bag left. I was happy to see we did not have as many teenagers as usual, the crowd was mostly small kids. During the rush, the wife ordered pizza delivery.  I gave the drivers a nice tip and a free dip into the candy bowl for his trouble.

Now that Halloween is over get ready to be bombarded with Christmas in all of its commercial glory. I noticed last night a paint commercial for Lowes or Home Depot ( I cannot remember which -- that must must make their ad men happy)  had subtly changed. It is the one where the couple has trouble covering up the stripes in their living room. Now at the end, they proudly show off the room, only in last night's version there is a Christmas tree and presents in the corner!

Get out and vote tomorrow. If you want to continue the current administration policies then vote for your local Democrat candidate. If you believe the way to create jobs and economic prosperity is increased government spending, then vote a straight "D". Do you believe that the greatest threat we face is global warming and that we must find a way to curb greenhouse gases? Then a vote for a Democrat will get Cap and Trade legislation passed. Skyrocketing utility bills will force even the most hardcore of us to lower our thermostat and walk to work where possible. If you like that approach to energy conservation then vote for your favorite Big-Government Democratic Party candidate. If you favor government run healthcare, higher taxes and more legislation then cast your ballot for the Democrats.

If any or all of the above appeals to you about as much as swimming in a malaria and feces infected cesspool, then vote for anyone who is not a Democrat.

Most importantly, just vote.

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