November 4, 2010

Can we stop the bullshit now?

If you believe people who make $250,000 a year are wealthy, then I guess it is all a matter of perspective. If you define a "working person" as someone who makes less than that amount you are a fool. $250,000 is not enough money to live the life of the idle rich.  In fact, most people who make that kind of money work harder and longer hours than the average American. They are the business owners, the CEOs and Vice Presidents of companies.  The people who make that kind of dough went to school for long years to become doctors, lawyers and architects. They are plant managers and are paid to make the hard decisions most of us are ill-equipped to make.  Those $250,000 folks are small business owners working 16 and 18 hours a day.

I make nowhere near that kind of salary-- not even in the same area code. But I do know this -- the men and women who do make that kind of jack work hard for their money. The Paris Hiltons of this world are few and far between. Whether you make your pay twisting on lug nuts at a Chrysler factory, running groceries across the laser eye at WalMart or putting in 16 hour days as the President of a small company -- we are all "Working Americans".


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

But cheer up! The Lost is taking a 10-day junket to India with 3000 of his best friends and it's only costing us $200 million a day.

That's cheap at twice the price. Now if he'd just STAY in India...

The Rich Wasp said...

There is something that all those people calling anyone who makes over $250K rich don't understand. Most of the $250K plus crowd live in areas with a much higher cost of living.

Someone making $250K in NYC may be much less well off than someone living here in flyover country making $125K.

Cappy said...

It would be great if someone tighted Obama's lug nuts. I suspect they can be found on Michelle.

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