November 15, 2010

Monday -- as subtle as a two by four to the cranium

I followed the wife to the garage door as usual this morning. I like to see her off to work. She started the car, it ran for a few seconds and died. She tried to restart. Nothing. Dead as a doornail. The battery was completely discharged.

I scrambled for shoes while she went to my car. Since my car was parked outside, the windows were frosted over. I grabbed the scraper while she sat in the driver's seat, waiting like a NASCAR driver for me to do the pit stop. Off she went.  I have told her she should allow a few extra minutes, but she does not listen to me any more than you.

I dug out the battery charger and hooked it up.  The needles remained pegged at zero.  Not a good sign. I will check again in a few hours.

We just got the car back from the body shop Friday afternoon. I cannot imagine that had anything to do with our issues, other than they did clean the engine. I suspect it is just bad timing. It looks like the battery is a bitch to get to.  It sits down low with a charging module on top of it. Like many GM batteries it has the terminals on the side. I hope I can get it started so I can drive to get a new battery.  It looks like it will be a pain to take it out and change it myself.

It is always something, isn't it?


dragonlady474 said...

Well God love ya. I hope everything works out okay.

Greybeard said...

Buy the battery at one of their "Tire and Lube Express" outlets and they'll install it free while you go buy stuff made in China.

Worth it. Totally.

Roberta X said...

Engine cleaning+loose battery terminal=corrosion and possible charging problems?

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