November 16, 2010

You really are the wind beneath my wings

It is a cold fall day here in God's favorite State. I suspect it will set into a drizzle later in the morning.

I had the battery on the wife's car checked yesterday.  The good news is the battery is fine.  The bad news is the cooling fan comes on at random, running the battery down. It seems there are electrical problems, and they are never cheap. We just dropped $1,600 a few weeks ago on the boy's car.  I am about ready to take up shank's mare going forward. *^&$%#@ cars.

In the category of "stuff you don't care about but fills blog space", I had my last visit with the diabetic nurse and nutritionist this morning. They say I am doing fine. I am doing a good job of sticking to my diet and getting regular exercise. My evening blood sugar is great, but my morning numbers are still out of control.  They are random, no matter what I eat or do it seems to have no effect. I visit the Doctor tomorrow, so I suspect some new/different medicine (or at least dosages) is in the works. My blood pressure has been pretty good, until the nurse checked this morning. I guess I was nervous? Who knows, the body is a mysterious vessel.

Go forth blog readers and be productive today.  One of us has to be.


dragonlady474 said...

It's no wonder your blood pressure is up in the morning, what with all the car troubles and such, right off the bat, and of course worrying about what the day holds. Or it could be that when you very first get up, you might need to eat a piece of toast or something to get the ol' body stabilized.

Ralphd00d said...

I am only now beginning to see your frustration in regards to the diet and such. Just got my results, and though I am not diabetic, I still have many changes that will affect that status... hopefully in a way that will be better. Best of luck in that meds aren't required and it be some normal, easy way to fix.

Cappy said...

That's true. It was a cold day in Ohio.

Greybeard said...

If you want to postpone the inevitable, I suspect you could disconnect the cooling fan until Spring and get away with it. It won't need the extra cooling during these cool/cold temps. The car will still cool fine so long as you are in motion...
Then you can fix the problem at your discretion.
(But keep an eye on the temp gauge and shutdown during long idling.)

Anonymous said...

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