November 21, 2010


I dragged the Christmas stuff out yesterday. The boy and I put the lights around the house, except on the second roof peak.  Two sets of lights had portions that did not work and have to be replaced. Instead of climbing up and doing half of the section, I will do it all today.  We stopped by Target to grab some replacements. I did not put up the wreaths and other decorations, Noe did I put lights on the bushes yet. I am a firm believer that Christmas season starts after Thanksgiving. The lights were only on to make sure they worked and then I turned them off.

The annual Colts/Patriots game is on today. The Colts cannot defend the run, the Pats cannot defend the pass. Earlier in the week I called it 31-13 , patriots.  Today I am going to modify my prediction; 34- 20 Patriots. I makes me sick to type that prediction, but such is life.

Have a great Sunday.

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dragonlady474 said...

We must be living parallel lives, we dragged out all of our Christmas decorations yesterday. I normally wait (as you do) until after Thanksgiving to decorate, but I'm coming up to Indiana for a couple of weeks in December and I want to be able to enjoy them.

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