December 4, 2010

I am a Ramblin' Man

We find ourselves before the monitor this wintry Saturday morning. It is gently snowing tiny flakes outside. We are expecting a couple inches by late afternoon. Of course the snowteam/scareteam has been in full force on the nightly news about this "big storm" since about Wednesday. Seriously -- for two frickin' inches of snow. I am sure the local citizenry have been out in force scarfing up all of the milk, bread, and eggs at the grocery store. I guess snow brings on an irresistible urge to make French Toast?

I can only remember one time that we were "snowed in" and could not get out to get food.  That was during the blizzard of '78. Even then, within a day or two, we were able to get to the store. We could have made it the next day had we chosen to walk. I suspect some people who live out in the hinterlands have been snowed in a few times, but those people know they have a long drive to the nearest food store and plan accordingly.

All of this talk about food makes me hungry.  I could go for some bacon about now.  Who wants to fry me up some bacon? I guess I will have to settle for some apple oatmeal or a bowl of Wheaties.

We met up with some friends last night and ate some pizza. We played some euchre and had a beer or two (two actually, and just me; the wife hates beer). We had a lot of laughs. Some days life is good. Any time spent with me is good though. That is even true if you only spend time with my general genius through this old blog. Go ahead, testify!

The boy is going with his girlfriend to the Winter Formal this evening. It is not formal, in fact, he will not even wear a jacket.  He will sport a tie though. If the roads are too slick he will have to stay in town to eat. Unfortunately there is only an Applebees in this one-horse town, and it will be packed with other teenagers whose parents will not let them make the drive into Capital City either due to the roads.

The retail environment has become so pitiful here. If you want to buy men's clothing there are two choices -- the farm store and WalMart. One has to make the drive to Indy (30 - 40 minutes) if you want to buy a pair of Dockers. But we do have eight or nine pizza joints and a handful of Mexican and Chinese eateries to go with our THREE McDonalds. Such is the price we pay when living in a small town.  I would have it no other way.

I have that song "caroling, Caroling" stuck in my head. Only one line though: "Caroling, caroling through the drifting snow" It is on an endless loop. Please make it stop. I bet it would if you made me some bacon...

Clearly I am rambling. If you are still reading at this point I thank you.  I hope you have a great Saturday. Who knows, maybe you will get laid!


Ralphd00d said...

My Wife sent me a video of "The Hat I Got for Christmas is to Beeg" by Mel Blanc. Now I got it running through my head!

dragonlady474 said...

I remember that blizzard! My dad owned a shop in another town and he actually decided to go open his shop despite the blizzard.
My relatives called this morning to inform me of the snow situation. I was hoping it would wait until I was there, but that's okay, I'm sure there's more where that came from.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I've been caught in two blizzards since 1978, and both were in the DC area -- 2006 and 2010. Both times I was in a hotel, and both times you couldn't move out of the hotel for four days.

The second time, though, at least the hotel didn't start running out of food on day 3.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Sorry, that 2006 above should be 1996. Hard to type years in the last century anymore.

Joe said...

I was snowed in during that 1996 blizzard -- I was stuck in a hotel in Harrisburg, PA. The bar had lost its liquer licence. The hotel ran out of food on the second day. The bright spot was there were many restaraunts and a package store in walking distance. It took me four days to get home.

Anonymous said...


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