December 5, 2010

Its been lonely in the saddle since my horse died

Spammers, I do not get them. What is the point of publishing their shit on posts two and three years old? They are not even popular posts (like I have any). Seriously, I get Google hits on the posts titled with a pygmy sex theme (10-15 hits a day), and the one about the ten greatest historical events. The spammers do not comment on those, but on obscure posts no one reads. I do not understand. Why put the effort into a venture that garners no results?

Here is a representation of the crazy spam I have been getting lately:

I give birth to be familiar with a insufficient of the articles on your website in the present circumstances, and I unqualifiedly like your tastefulness of blogging. I added it to my favorites trap age list and last will and testament be checking stand behind soon. Cheer contain into public notice my orientation as approvingly and vindicate me know what you think. Thanks.
And some of you think I butcher the English Language.

In other news, I noticed sections of two strings of lights went out. The offending sections are each about a foot long. I have two peaks on my house.  Both are beyond the reach of my extension ladder, so I have to climb on the roof and lean over the side to put up the lights. Guess where the outages are? I do not even need to tell you they are at the very peak of the two gables. Just as I told the wife before she could ask -- I will not climb up a snowy roof and replace those lights. Maybe, and it is a big maybe, if the temps climb above freezing and the roof completely dries, I will consider it.

There is a big football game today.  The Colts take on the hated Dallas Cowgirls. I hate the Cowgirls almost as much as the Damn Yankees. I will root for any team playing against Dallas.

I hope you have a great Sunday.


LeeAnn said...

I think a drunk on Babelfish is spamming you.

Anonymous said...


We won. This time.


Joe said...

Maning threw more Cowboys touchdowns than Kitna. Says it all.

I think the guy selling beer in thestands could suit up and run for a hundred against the Colts.

Good to see you among the living, Dick. Don't be a stranger.

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