December 26, 2010

That old Christmas Hangover

Greetings fellow inhabitants of this big blue rock we call home. I hope you had the Merriest of Christmases (or at least a great Saturday if you are of the non-Christmas types).

WE had a great day around here.  My kids were home. My daughter and her husband came down late in the morning. We opened up some presents then I fixed a late breakfast. WE played some games and messed around .  I then got busy putting together the Christmas dinner spread. Turkey, mashed spuds, homemade mac and cheese, noodles, gravy, green bean casserole, candied sweet potatoes (puke) and rolls rounded out the carb-heavy but scrumptious meal. My daughter made an awesome dessert called a truffle.  It was loaded with fruit, angel food cake and pudding. My diet and blood sugar took a hit but WTF, it was Christmas!

The wife surprised me with an awesome Kindle. I had been reading books on her iPad, but she was not too keen on me taking it on business trips because then she could not use it. It is sweet. She let me order a new book to go on it. Done.  Now I have to find out how to get at the free books as well. I have been reading the free offerings from the Apple bookstore. Now I need them on the new toy. In all I think everyone was more than satisfied with their gifts.

I need another cup of coffee this morning then I am off to read what you have to say before settling in with a new book. Have a great Sunday!


Jean said...

One cannot have too many books.
Leslie at Omnibus is an expert at getting books on kindle. Check with her on all types.

dragonlady474 said...

I have a kindle, and they're awesome! You get free books by going to the website, clicking on e-books and then going to the free category. Some of them really are just short stories, and others are book length.

Yabu (EOTIS) said...

"candied sweet potatoes (puke)"'re right about that...can't wrap my arms around sweet potatoes...never been able to, and probably never will...bottom of my list on things to eat unless it was a matter of life and death. I would rather snort horseradish.

Kindle or matter...even Steven...Amazon or B& matter. I'm going to have to put the Juju Woman in Nook rehab.

Enjoy that E-Reader...fair warning though, you can spend some bucks before you know it. The Nook allows you to "Lend" a book, and I hear "Lending" coming to the Kindle soon. Great feature.

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