December 6, 2010

Welfare and why am I feeding your kids?

Contrary to popular belief, I am not a complete heartless bastard. I do believe in giving people a helping hand.

I do not quite understand some of the policies regarding free school lunch and such. Low income students get a free or reduced lunch at school. We are providing free lunches during the summer. These same students are now served a free breakfast. Recently The Dems are pushing to provide a free dinner to needy students as well. WTF? Low income families are given food stamps to feed their kids. If they are not using those food stamps to provide breakfast or lunch -- and soon not even dinner, what are they using the food stamps for? Are we going to reduce the welfare available when school is in session?

Completely understanding anecdote is not fact, the wife claims that a significant number of her students who get free lunch and breakfast at school are routinely picked up in cars, trucks and SUVs far newer than ours. She relates the story of a family that lives in one of the nicest neighborhoods in town. Since they are now divorced, the kids get free lunches. The Mom does not have to report the income from alimony and child support, so her part-time job qualifies them for free lunch. The child reports the family is going to their condo in Cancun for Christmas. You and I are paying for those kids to eat breakfast and lunch.

It all makes you want to work harder on a Monday doesn't it?


Dan O. said...

Mimicking an ignorant, bleeding heart, liberal (is that double redundancy?):

"Oh HB, that's not true. You're not only a heartless bastard, but a liar too!"

Cappy said...

Yes. And he's OUR heartless bastard liar.

Also, BTW, allimony has to be reported as income.

dragonlady474 said...

Christmas in Cancun ::sigh::

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