January 10, 2011

Less than 25 words

I really have nothing to add to the discourse of the day. People who use tragedy for political gain are sick and reprehensible.


Erica said...

I have never been more disgusted with the political climate of our country than I have been this past week.

mts1 said...

It seems like everyone is using Rahm Emmanuel's maxim: never let a crisis go to waste.

Rita said...

I watched the Memorial tonight and was pleasantly surprised that Obama did a fairly decent job.

I found the apparently youthful audience that cheered and clapped at totally inappropriate times disconcerting.

And no sooner did O deliver his final words, which included addressing the finger pointing and blaming, than I flipped the stated to that idiot Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC start his follow-up show with Sarah Palin and snips of pundit after pundit spouting their hatred of Palin.

On the other hand, Fox's follow with their pundits talked about how well Obama addressed the situation.

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