January 10, 2011

Oh no, I am almost out of eggs, and bread and milk...I must get to the store

For once I gave in.

The Snow Team/Scare Team has prophesied a major snowstorm for Tuesday/Wednesday. Historically the meteorology Cassandras have a less than stellar record when predicting such storms. I usually take their low estimate and cut it in half. I am proud to say I am often more accurate.  It seems as if the predictions are less reliable with more modern models and computer simulations than they were in the days when the weatherman stuck magnetic suns and snowflakes to a map of the state and region. But then I am old and my memory is often what I want it to be instead of the way things were.

Anyway, I have changed some appointments in semi-distant cities for Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. The prospect of bucking drifting snow on half-plowed roads for an appointment I do not need to attend has no interest for me. I have rescheduled for more favorable conditions later in the week.

If the prognosticators have over-estimated the storm, as is often the case, I will look a chicken-little fool. Perhaps I will appear a prudent traveller, taking heed of potentially dangerous situations. In any case, I will be ensconced in my faux-leather office chair watching either a little or a lot of snow through my West-facing window on the morrow.

Is there good news for you, dear reader, in this rambling post? It depends on your point of view. If I am not in the car battling the elements I will have the opportunity to post drivel like this. I suspect there are at least a few of you who fervently wish I would not watch the weather in the future.


mts1 said...

Whenever there is a snowstorm that can keep us home bound, we must of course be able to make French Toast!

Fred said...

Just had a meeting via telecon with someone in your fair city. She mentioned that she was dealing with the INCH of snow y'all got down there.

OH what a good laugh we all had in response!

Then at the close of the meeting she asked if she could garner any sympathy from us if she were to get 5 inches by the end of the day?

The response was, "Possibly. But only because of where you live, honey."

(Schools were closed in the city where I work yesterday due to the fact that 40 inches were recorded at the airport over the weekend.)

LeeAnn said...

This is why I buy ramen and beer in bulk. Well, not this exactly because we don't have snow. We have gators. Still, same principle.

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