January 17, 2011

A light wintery mix

It is the same old dilemma. Do I post to keep posting or wait until I have something of substance to offer. If I choose the latter it may be a long while before you hear from me again. If I choose the former you will get more drivel regarding what I ate, what I read yesterday or what movie captured my short attention. In other words, do you want a peeping tom view through a frosted, dirty window, or do you want erudite and insightful commentary?

I could just refer you to my dusty archives.  There is plenty of both there -- interesting, insightful and pure tripe. Want to know why gas prices are so high?  See the archives for February of 2008.  The premise is the same today. I could preach my particular brand of politics to the choir, but you are already ahead of me in the hymnal. 

So here we find ourselves, you and I, on a Monday morning. Should I post a bit o'crap for you?  Should I spend time on research for a history piece that will bore you to tears?  Perhaps I could just put up a video of some classic rock. Perhaps a list of the best/worst/funniest/saddest/movies/songs/books. Maybe I will offer some political insight into the latest goings on in Washington.

Put up your money.  Make your Final Jeopardy wagers.

You have your answer.


Ignore the above. read this. List the column as number 537 in the "I wish I had written that" category. I would not change a word.

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Ed Bonderenka said...

Look, I know what you mean. I don't have time to write what I want to the way I want to.
I enjoy reading whatever you write. Don't know why.
But you have performed a great public service by pointing people to that column.

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