January 16, 2011

Sunday in This Town

We visited my mom and dad yesterday afternoon. They are doing great.  dad is 73 today. He looks 53.

Afterward we went to visit some good friends.  We ate some pizza, drank a couple of beers (I did anyway -- and it was two beers to be exact). We played some Euchre and had some laughs. All in all, a pretty good Saturday.  Except for the lack of snuggling etc.  I guess I need to turn down the furnace.

Here we are on a Sunday.  I am not in the mood for politics. I don't have any jokes for you. I have nothing to discuss except the mundane aspects of my life.

Here is some Sunday music for you. heck, everyone loves the Go Gos, and this one you may not know (except it sounds like every other song they wrote).

I saw the GoGos back in the early 1980's.  They put on a good show.

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