February 24, 2011

Dear Democrats

If you are currently voting and supporting the Democrat Party you are pathetic.  I am not sure I can find a single Democrat that cares for anything more than perpetuating their own political power.  They do not care about the electorate, about the democratic process or the basics of the Constitution. Show me one Democrat that is not a self-centered envious economically challenged lightweight.

For God's sake one Democrat judge just ruled that thinking about an economic activity is economic activity and that taking a decision not to participate is participating in economic activity, thus subject to the Commerce Clause. Ponder that -- deciding not to buy

For a group of people who claim to represent the common man they sure make a lot of harmful decisions. Failure to drill our own oil reserves is having disastrous consequences for our economy. The spend, spend, spend of the current administration has mortgaged future generations to an unsustainable level. To quote the Reverend Wright 'The chickens have come home to roost" as the ponzi scheme known as Social Security inches to insolvency and the overwhelming burden of Democrat Lyndon Johnson's Great Society programs bankrupt our national treasury.

For more than 100 years the programs and platform of the liberals and Democrat Party have proven an abject failure. The current Democrat ideologues have made a mockery of the bankruptcy laws in the governmental takeover of GM and Chrysler. The underfunded governmental pensions in Indiana are a direct result of paying unsecured creditors (the UAW union) instead of secured creditors in the Chrysler filing. The Democrats defied the clear wishes of the people in passing Obamacare. Federal Judges have put the Obama administration in contempt of court in the continued illegal moratoriums on off shore drilling.

The Democratic Party has again thwarted their Constitutional and moral obligations by childish refusal to participate in the legislative process in Wisconsin and Indiana. The Democratic Party has shown they will not, can not listen to the will of the people they have sworn to represent.

The Democrat Party does not represent the constituents, the people, but only the Democratic Party. Voting for such craven individuals in the future shows not only an ignorance of politics, of economics, of the Constitution, of civics,but an inability to appreciate the power of the franchise and the freedoms  we are blessed to have.. In short, I am surprised you do not need instructions to remind you to breathe in and out.

If you are aa Democrat and are insulted by this, too bad. But I will be glad to argue the sallient points.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

"Social Security inches to insolvency"?

More like leaps and bounds to it.

mts1 said...

The bastards have to come home someday. And the bills before them may have expired this week, but all there need to be are session after session where they get called up from committee to floor for a vote. Now who is the party of no?

It was an act of idiocy to bring a right to work bill up at a time when the GOP is trying to reform education, defund Planned Parenthood, get a Defense of Marriage amendment into the state constitution, balance the budget, and in other words slowly go about the business of building the conservative house up block by block with as little fanfare as possible. Get the easy wins where you can, compromise when you must without selling your main point so the other guy can go home and show he fought for the table scrap and save his butt, which is what it's all about. Basic governmental sausage making, ugly and stinky, but hopefully at the end of session you have some dinner to bring home to mama. Then they try to push this onto the floor sans discussion, knowing there'd be enough Republicans who wouldn't touch that third rail anyway and it would fail, never mind Democrat opposition. The demented wood elf knows this and told them not to push, and he should know, after 7.5 years of dealing with both R and D majority Assemblies and being able to get his plan accomplished even using a Democrat Speaker, answering the question What Did Reagan Do (just this!). But the GOP acted like Pelosi/Reid, went bull in a china shop, and the D's had zero chance to save any face and were darned if they did and darned if they didn't, which allowed the Alinsky types an opening to shine.

But go ahead, fools, dump the Mentos into the soda bottle and watch the liquid erupt. The GOP is guilty of bad tactics and strategy, and now the D's can wrap themselves in the populist flag and present themselves as the savior of the working man (laughable since they love open borders enough for 20M illegals to take American jobs, but I digress).

I believe, I feel it in my bones, that all this s*** came pre-arranged, and there was nothing spontaneous in either Madison or Indy. I bet it will come out that the rooms at the Comfort Inn were booked in 2010. They're testing the reaction in quintessential Middle America to these Banana Republic tactics before pulling them nationally in 2012.

Still, rule #1 to our esteemed Speaker: when you see a sleeping dog, instead of poking him with a sharp stick, leave him be. The unions in the Region at least have been playing go along to get along since the 1980's, but their relative docility and willingness to go with the company lead does not equal weakness.

Joe said...

I think you are completely right. If it was not the right to work, it would have been education reform that sent the Dems packing. This tactic will rear in the future at the national level as you suggest. If the Legislative Branch ceases t ofunction, the Executive branch gains massive power. The Republic is weakened beyond rcovery.

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