February 23, 2011

Dear Indiana Democrats

Elections have consequences -- B. Obama

I do not posses the vocabulary to adequately describe my contempt, my utter repugnancy regarding the failure of the Democratic Party to fully participate in the legislative process in Indiana and Wisconsin. Like a spoiled brat facing defeat, they have gathered up their basketball and run away. The people have spoken and the Democrat, Big Government agenda was soundly defeated. Unable to accept the loss of power, the Democrats have fled to the People's Republic of Illinois.

Not only do the policies of the Democrat Party stifle job creation, the Democrats of Indiana are doing their best to give money to the hotels and restaurants of  neighboring state!

It is sad that I have to point out the obvious to some of our elected Democrat Party officials. In a Representative Democracy a key component of the democratic process is the minority has its say while the majority has its way. Such is the consequence of elections.

The Democrat Party representatives from Indiana are upset the State is considering a bill to make Indiana a "right to work" state.  This means a person cannot be forced to join a union as a condition of employment. How can people who are supposedly "for the little guy" be against letting an individual make his own choice to join a union or not? We all know the answer to that question. The unions cannot allow potential members to opt out, because the vast majority of current union members will drop from the rolls and few if any potential new hires will be willing to give part of their own money to the corrupt, left leaning union thugs. Of course the unions will lose money and the contributions to the Democrat Party will dry up.

Nice wig you cowardly jerk
So here's to you Pat Bauer you dickhead. You cry baby, you worthless piece of crap. You have failed to represent the people of Indiana who elected you, you have failed in fulfilling your oath of office, you have proven you are but the pawn of the unions.  You have shown us all in the State of Indiana you are a spoiled little brat, unwilling and unable to participate in the democratic process. Good riddance. I hope the ignorant electorate of St Joe county finally wake up and send you packing.

Oh, and Mitch -- kiss your Presidential ambitions bye- bye with your support of the Democrat Party's craven actions.


Fred said...

Agreed and agreed.

....And that horrible hairpiece you rode in under!!!

St. Joe Co. will NEVER wake up.

SO disappointed in Mitch.

Anonymous said...

He hasn't missed many meals either.
I hope the voters remember what they pay these assholes to do and kick them out.

James Old Guy

CnC said...

Most unions are nothing more then the democrats whores. oh but doesn't Pat's rug look good? har har

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I don't know if Pat needs a new rug or if he just needs his diaper changed.

Either way I wish you idiots in South Bend would WAKE UP and smell the coffee. This guy is killing us all.

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