February 20, 2011

It is raining

We survived the surprise party last night.  I had a great time. I laughed until my face hurt. My old roomie was certainly surprised the whole gang showed up. There was one story that nearly killed me with laughter, one that I had forgotten.

In the fraternity the rooms were considered suites. There were two rooms and a small sleeping room.  The original design was two rooms with two desks and a sleeping room with two sets of bunk beds in the middle. In every case the desks were moved into one room and the second room was made into a living room/party room. This room was usually filled with cast-off couches, recliners and in the early 1980's, elaborate stereo systems that took up a lot of room.

One of the roommates had stinky feet. They smelled bad.  At one point we made B keep his shoes outside the room the stink was so terrible. Now roommate G was always complaining about the foot smell. One day, while he was at class we took a couple of B's smelly socks and stuffed them deep into G's pillow case. That night we climbed into our bunks early, just to see the reaction.

G came to bed and started bitching about the smell. We gagged on our pillows, laughing so hard.  G punched his pillow in frustration. He moaned that the smell was even worse. This went on for days and days, until G finally did his laundry (probably weeks) and found the dirty socks. Believe me, sonsofbitches and motherfuckers were the least of the oaths flung our way.

That tale is probably not the college hijinks you expected. Maybe this is one of those "you had to be there stories".


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thanks for this nice post 111213

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Sounds like something sailors would do.
Rey B

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