February 21, 2011

Screwing Off On President's Day

It is President's Day and for some reason that means a holiday at my company. I have no plans, I will screw off on the old interwebz, read a little and maybe watch some TV. I watched The Dirty Dozen last evening. I bet I have seen that movie fifty times.

Today I am honoring President William Henry Harrison (1773 - 1841). In his one short month (32 days) in office William Henry did not sign an executive order, propose a single piece of legislation, appoint a single judge, pardon a big donor, get a blow job from an intern, or allow his czars and bureaucrats to implement a single Presidential Policy. Too bad we cannot convince our current legislators or President to take a break for a month or two in his honor. Now President Harrison did not decline from politics from a Tea Party-like preference for limited government, rather he scored a massive case of pneumonia shortly after his inauguration and spent the next month on his sickbed, succumbing to the illness.

Harrison was an Indian fighter of some repute, defeating the unified tribes at the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811. Harrison was the last President elected who was born prior to the Declaration of Independence. As governor of the Northwest and Indiana Territories, he is best known as an advocate of expanding slavery. He won the Presidency on his reputation as a war hero from the war of 1812.

So here's to old William Henry. A very short tribute on President's Day.


Cappy said...

BFHD. Warren Harding did just as little in two+ years.

Joe said...

Heres t oWarren G!

Long live Buchanon!

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