February 14, 2011

Love is in the air

My two favorite Valentine Girls
The fourteenth day of the second month has rolled around. That means it is Hallmark Card Day  St. Valentine's Day. A few times in the past I have offered my own true life love story -- the tale of my first date with my wife. I am sure you have all seen it more than once by now, so I will not offer it up again. One can only watch 27 Dresses, When Harry Met Sally or Breakfast at Tiffany's so many times, and my love story also gets old. But if you must, you can find it in the archives here. There on the right is a picture of my two favorite girls, taken some 24 years ago.

Anyway, fellas, buy your wife/girlfriend/significant other something today. I do not care if it is a made up holiday. I do not care if she says she does not go for that kind of stuff-- she does. Even if she is a practical girl, a gift that says "I love you" is still a lovely gesture.  Flowers, cards, stuffed animals, one of those fake roses found next to the cash register at the gas station, a Payday candy bar scrawled with "I love you baby" with a Sharpie is better than nothing. It is all about the effort, Dude. You do not have to blow her away with a candle-lit dinner, diamonds and soft music. Just let her you are thinking of her, that she is important in your life.

Ladies, your man just wants some nookie. No sentiment is required.

The wind is howling today, but it promises to be warm -- in the low 40s. Not exactly a heat wave, but far better than the teens and twenties we have seen since mid-November. Most of the snow is finally melting. I did see two different jack-asses at WalMart yesterday in shorts and tank tops. The white-trash gene runs deep in this part of the nation.

It is Monday, time to do some work.

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linda said...

Happy Valentine's Day, HB! You are pretty much on target! It is all about being remembered and loved--you could make your own card!
We are having some sunny 60's finally! It is great to be warm again!

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