February 13, 2011

If I were king of the forrrreesssst

Well, well, well. It is Sunday morning in Obamaland. Millions of people still believe the Government somehow just gives away money and benefits. Half of America does not pay income taxes. Locally more than 50% of the students are getting free or reduced lunches. We still remain the only country in the world not drilling our own oil resources. Somehow there is a belief it is better to buy what we need than produce it.

Do you want to be depressed like my on this fine Sunday?  Do a little research.  Add up the number of laws introduced into Congress last year. Add in what your State and Local Government saw fit to legislate and regulate. Is it really possible we need so many rules in a free society? In more than 200 years haven't we covered most of the stuff we need  to have an ordered populace? 

How about we demand our elected officials take a break? They only come to their respective Capitals to do the required fiscal and spending bills. Then each and every one of them goes home -- in the case of Washington officials, not to Georgetown or Frederick, but to their hometown and state. They could save on per diem, they could reconnect with the people.  They will not need to do fundraising, or meet with lobbyists.  There will be no Congressional junkets, no fact-finding tours, no trips to exotic locales for conferences, or "business development". Seriously, China is not going to open factories in the United States.

Let's go a step further.  I say we start over. We do not need a Constitutional Convention -- we already have the more perfect union. We just follow the blueprint established by our forefathers. Get rid of all Federal employees and departments. Start over again. If we really need an Department of Education debate the merits n the New Congress. If the National Endowment for the Arts is where we want to spend our hard-earned taxes, so be it. But every department will have new employees. new management. term limits -- bring 'em on for elected officials and for the bureaucrats. Just because we have done it a certain way in the past does not mean there is not a better way.

I say every new law in the new Government must show how it meets Constitutional muster. Every new law will sunset n 10 years. If it is still a good idea after a decade, it will be passed again. No legislation by regulation and fiat from various agencies. If lawmakers are spending their time voting on the latest EPA idea, then he is not dreaming up new ways to limit my freedoms.

Foreign aid has to be cut. Starting next year all aid will be reduced 10%. A further 10% will be cut each year after that until the US money well is dried.. If we can't educate Ghana on the threat of AIDS in a decade, then we never will. I get that some places need help, but charity begins at home. We have enough debt without borrowing money to give to someone else.  Would you take out a second mortgage in order to donate to the Salvation Army? Then why are we stealing from our kids piggy bank to give to Egypt or Palestinian Terrorists?

Look, I cannot solve all of the country's problem is one Sunday morning blog post, but these ideas are a start.


Ed Bonderenka said...

"Do you want to be depressed like me on this fine Sunday?"
No, that was yesterday, but a friend gave me some advice.

Anonymous said...

Think how much we'd have to spend on constructive projects if we hadn't bailed out the banksters.

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