February 12, 2011

Mmmmm, Kidney Pie

Good morning fellow blogworld travellers. We find ourselves on the cusp of a warm-up here in Hoosierland. Finally. This global warming has been kicking my ass.  I know I am not alone, most of the country has seen a harsh winter so far. I have some bad news, though. Winter is still far from over. It is a sad commentary when we are celebrating a warm up when the temperatures are just going to be what is normal or average for this time of year.

Do you ever get recurring dreams?  Not the kind where you dream the same thing for days on end, but a dream that you have several times in a night? For instance I kept dreaming about an email I need to send to a customer. I  would wake up and think, WTF?, go back to sleep and have the same dream again. I think I had the dream a dozen times in the last few minutes (hours?) before I got up this morning. Perhaps the proper term is worrying instead of dreaming? I don't know, but sometimes these recurring dreams are not about work, but stupid stuff. It is like my brain is an old LP record that gets stuck, playing the same bits repeatedly. I used to rarely dream, but since I went on my diabetes medicine I have more dreams and they are more vivid. Perhaps it is a function of sleeping better and more deeply? I don't know, but the repeating dreams drive me crazy. If I am going to get stuck on something why couldn't be naked women visions of my naked wife or something similar?

Late yesterday afternoon the demon chewing on my right kidney had his fill and moved on. The pain left as suddenly as it came on. There is some weird shit going on, I tell you.

Hey, look at that! I have filled a decent-sized post without saying anything. Just yesterday I was discussing with my wife my lack of talent in any area. I guess I was wrong. reading nearly six years of back posts at this poor excuse for entertainment will tell all and sundry I am very good at wasting your time. Quantity over quality works every time. 

Enjoy your weekend.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Glad you're feeling better.
I've had the recurring dream thing often.
Usually, it's work related, where I'm programing or troubleshooting something that doesn't/couldn't exist in real life.
I remember once telling a managing engineer about that and he said "You too?!".

CnC said...

Joe, I was reviewing my lineup of wierd assed dreams from last night. I too am on some new meds and I think it's affected my dreams, I have been mentally outlining a blog on the subject, but you beat me to it. I have always wondered why we even have dreams, is it a fluke of nature or does it serve some sort of brain refreashing process? Who knows?

Anonymous said...

Your good, could be worse think about the Obama dream.

James Old Guy

Otter said...

You still better call mom.....

Samm Hein said...

When you can get up before a room full of crooked, well-dressed, well-heeled people and say nothing for 90min-2hrs while being verbose as hell, and they all have to applaud you on nationwide TV, you'll be ready for the White House!
Practice makes perfect...

Joe said...

Hola, Samm

But Otter I got my medical degree from the same place she did!

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