May 18, 2011

Compelled to continue

Officer Kevin Eldridge dropped his nightstick into his belt and walked over to me, sitting there on the gravel at the edge of the road. Kevin was a regular party boy in high school.  He was busted a couple of times for weed before he was 18. He flunked out of IU and came home to be a cop.

He was one of those hard-ass small town law enforcement officers. He never wrote a warning ticket, he arrested every teen he caught chugging a beer. No one got a break. A hypocrite of the first order. A small town nobody hopped up on power. He was just a little fish in n even smaller puddle.

"Didja get drunk and fall off your scooter, Sam?" he taunted.

"Turn off those lights, they hurt my eyes." Kevin was my son's best friend in high school. He even went on a couple of vacations with us. I was not about to take his crap. I asked him if he wanted me to get up and walk a line for him. He ignored me. He also left the lights on. When he asked me where I was going I said Disney World. My brain said "To Hell".  Is there a difference?

He tried not being a Dickhead and asked me what happened. I told him my battery died. When he started lecturing me about driving down the street.  I told him he could save the lecture. "Either give me a ticket if I have broken the law or leave me alone and go eat a donut",  I think I might have called him Chief Wiggum, like the Simpson's character. Officer Kevin Eldridge has a lot of patience with me. He called Josh to come and pick me up.

Josh was pissed when he got there. He knew better than complain. After all he was driving my truck. he copped an attitude and refused to take me to Murph's. He took me and the scooter home. We wrestled it out of the bed and he plugged it in for me. I could tell Josh wanted to say something, but he lacked the balls. Even although he was only 17, I invited him in for a beer. He just stared at me and said he had to go.

When I got inside I found out Kerry had cleaned out all of my booze while I was in the shower. There were two bottles of beer in the 'fridge. I broke a lamp in frustration, then sat in the dark and pouted for a while. I had the shakes. I tried to call my son.  he lives in Chicago. There was no answer on his cell. I am not surprised.   I don't see him much.  I think his wife does not approve of me. That's Ok, I can't stand her.   She is a snooty bitch.

I called the one cab in town to come and get me.

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Dazd said...

Love the story...keep it up!

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