May 17, 2011

Tuesday Bitchin'

Am I the only person who finds an increasing number of sites inaccessible in IE? Websites open briefly then I get an error message that windows cannot open the site. Does anyone know what is the story? I started viewing some of my regular haunts in Firefox today. I am not a fan of Firefox, mostly because I have not used it much. but at least I can open some of my favorite blogs and websites.

There was a big story on the news this morning about how the schools are going to make a big push to serve breakfast and lunch this summer. Now, I can think of nothing worse in this world than a person going hungry. But I do not understand the summer food program. Are we not giving welfare and food stamps to the poor of this country? If we are going to feed the children lunch and breakfast at taxpayer expense, should we not deduct the calculated in amount we are paying in food stamps? Why, as taxpayers, are we paying for 2/3 of a child's daily meals twice?

Look, I know I am an ass. I ate a peanut butter sandwich for lunch yesterday. Throw in a handful of chips and you have a meal that costs about seventy-five cents. That calculation is probably high. I would like to see a survey of the nation's welfare rolls.  How many of those taking food stamps smoke, drink beer, or have a cell phone tucked inside their Coach purse? I don't mind helping those in need.  I resent a hand out.

I used to have an office above the WIC office. Many of the women coming in for free diapers and formula and milk etc. drove a newer, nicer car than I did. Some, admittedly were remarkably poor. Most found the ready cash to buy cigarettes, since they lit up on the way in or out of the office.

I find the decision of the Indiana Supreme Court voiding the Fourth Amendment last week mind numbing and remarkable. I am shocked, dismayed, but not surprised. We opened this door decades ago when we agreed that drunk driving and seatbelt checkpoints were legal. Car searches at traffic stops have become commonplace based on reasonable suspicion -- namely because a cop wants to search your car. We have adopted 'guilty until proven innocent' in practice. We allow the law to mandate we undergo a sobriety test upon demand. Refusal is an automatic proof of guilt.

This is all the result of adopting a belief in a "Living Constitution". To paraphrase the old saw:

I said nothing when they tried to take away my First Amendment freedom to practice my religion.

I said nothing when they tried to take away my Second Amendment Rights.

I ignored the situation as the Ninth and Tenth Amendments were eviscerated.

I had no chance to speak up for my Fourth Amendment Rights when the thought police kicked in my door...


Anonymous said...

I grew up in the dark ages in Indiana. I didn't see a lunch room until I was in high school. I guess they thought it was my parents job to feed me breakfast. The number of people using social services to increase their income is amazing. I can't count the times I have stood in line behind someone with WIC or foodstamps. I find it amazing that usually less than half of what they buy falls into approved purchases. How the hell can someone buy a 50 inch big screen and still use WIC or foodstamps? We are slowly losing our rights thanks to the liberal ass thinking and the latest from the Supreme Joke of the land is just flat amazing. I can't believe it was 8 to 1.

James Old Guy

Grumpyunk said...

"We opened this door decades ago when we agreed that drunk driving and seatbelt checkpoints were legal" - Who is this WE you speak of, Kemosabe? We didn't approve this crap either. We just have to suck it up and deal with it,because there ain't a damn thing we can do about it without actually starting shooting. The tripwire for that option inches a little closer with each of these rulings.
See how the Federal SCOTUS ruled on a similar 4th amendment case yesterday. WE are well and truly screwed.

Grumpyunk said...

And your Story? Damn, way to real. Keep it up

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I am very concerned we are too far down the rabbit hole in Wonderland/shithole in Deutschlund for anyone to care, as long as Der Holy Mother Schtaat keeps the handouts coming. Most of We The bribed Sheeple don't give a fuck as long as Uncle Sam's empty promise of a Social(istic in)Security gimme still awaits them at retirement or whenever they feel like faking a disability. The Revolution started when the British sent in the troops to grab our guns. I seriously wonder if anyone has the frigging agates to do that now, as boiled as the frog appears to be.
You can have freedom, or a free lunch...You can't have both, not honestly nor for very long!
Welcome to Der Homeland Security Schtaat, comrades, where "justice" is what Big Brotha 0 tell yo ass it is...Pending revision

Joe said...

sadly, I think you are both right.

Rae Rae said...

I've been having the inaccessible issue at Jean's. It opens and then I get a warning box. And when I close the box I'm instantly taken to Ask dot com.

But I keep trying and eventually it'll stay. ...Usually.

Annoying as, well, you know.

Shy Wolf said...

Can't even get into my own blog for some damned reason- it opens, then this friggin' box telling me IE can't open it. Managed to get in long enough tonight to screw things up worse before IE told me I was done. And I think I am. Posting has become a real rectal pain the last few months.
Time to start shooting, as far as I'm concerned. Too damned many libs and tree huggers and time to thin the herd so there's more O2 for the rest of us.
What the hell ya doing writing about my life, anyway? Some may call it fiction, but it's too much like me to be that. So, wut's the scoop- are you followin' me around, or wut? ;)

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