May 31, 2011

Dear Democrats

So, if the current President was not a Democrat, would you be screaming about the failure to abide by the War Powers Act? Would you Lefties be talking about illegal wars, and hinting at impeachment?

If a Republican controlled Legislature failed to pass a budget for the second year in a row would you be writing editorials? Would you be criticising the Senate Majority Leader's failure to adhere to the one of the Constitution's few mandates for Congress by refusing to present a budget?

If the current administration was not controlled by Democrats, would you be outraged about private political fundraisers where the media was banned? Would you have concerns about backroom deals being made at taxpayer expense? If the President was a Republican would you be concerned a reporter was barred from covering the President just because he/she wrote a critical article?

Would you be able to refrain from commenting about the amount of golf the President seems to play? Would you question the size of the First Lady's retinue?

If Weiner was a Republican would you be silent?

Just asking...


Anonymous said...

Hell No they won't say a word, they invested in a loser and are not capable of facing the truth.

James Old Guy

Jean said...

the First Lady's retinue..... made me chuckle there.

Cappy said...

Time for a Weiner roast.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Is retinue code for "butt"?

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