May 25, 2011

Shakin' it here, Boss

I am busy wrestling alligators and beating off sharks this morning. I barely had time to peruse my blogroll.

My quarterly forecast is due back in the home office on Friday and I am nowhere near finished. Some may call it procrastination, I prefer to think I am waiting to get the best and latest possible information. I had plans to get the damned thing done today and in the morning, but now I have a last minute customer visit on tap this afternoon and my Thursday morning will be filled with two different conference calls. It appears more and more likely I will not get the document in the mail until Friday.

For reference, I have to forecast the next years usage, by month, for every customer for every part number. My report is just over one inch thick. It took me four hours to do my largest customer yesterday afternoon, with interruptions for phone calls and emails.

I intended to work on the forecast some more last evening, but I sat on the couch in my office and watched the Cubs spank the Mets instead. That narrative alone explains why I NEVER turn on the TV during the day. Working from home has enough distractions without adding television to the list.

Look at that -- a whole post created from nothing! It is like magic. just call me the bloggy Lance Burton.

If you have made it this far and are thinking "Man, what a boring post", consider yourself lucky.  I intended to detail last night's massive BM.

Have a great hump day.

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Cappy said...

I'd opt for hearing about that BM over friggin' test scripting.

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