May 26, 2011

Thunder only happens when its raining

It was a bumpy night around the old homestead last night. Wave after wave of storms ripped through the area.  I think we were under four or five separate tornado warnings in the course of the evening. At one point we were under two different warning boxes at once! No damage here, just lots of wind and rain.

As I stood on the front porch watching the threatening clouds it was raining so hard the gutters overflowed. The roof line makes a three sided box around mu front porch/stoop. The rain gushed down the valley of the roof into the corner so hard it was shooting above the gutter like a fountain.  It almost shot clear to the other gutter. I wish I had  my phone or camera so I could show you.  It was way cool. It almost seemed as if one of the munchkins from Oz was standing on the roof and pissing a powerful stream above my head!

You might remember a few weeks ago I detailed how the county's new storm warning system woke us in the middle of the night to report the river, located miles away, was in flood? If not you can look through the archives to find it. After all, I just told you what the post was about.  Anyway, Monday we had some severe weather come through and the warning system called 45 minutes after the first sounds of the warning siren. Last evening, it was almost forty minutes after the first warnings were sounded before we got the call. We received no warning calls for the subsequent tornado warnings. I guess the autodialer can only call one number at a time, and it takes a while to get to mine.

I have a busy day on tap, I hope you have a great Thursday.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Comcast apparently has this new toy they can use to seize your cable line and force you to watch and listen to the NWS warnings whether you need to or not. And while the warning is being shown, you can't change channels.

This is the real reason why they're moving away from analog and forcing you to have a set-top box on all TVs. Next they'll let the government decide which programs you get to watch.

Joe said...

Exactly. Comcast interrupted every five minutes with the black warning screen and "screech". Even though the Scare Team was hard at work and the local sirens were blasting. People are no longer expected to pay attention and look after themselves. The "Government" (Them) is responsible for our safety in the post-Katrina world.

Rita said...
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